Russian Tim Show Episode November 3, 2016

Episode #200, Happy Birthday To Me

11:04am - 11:58am

Hello Hello Hello!

Episode #200 on my birthday…what a coincidence! Success!

A few days before the episode I got back from Fest 15 in Florida. I got sick and therefore I sound like attended a death metal show the night before, not a punk festival. But that didn’t stop me from playing songs by my favorite bands which I saw at Fest 15. First block features superhits The Brokedowns (Elgin, IL, USA), Wonk Unit (London, UK), Pkew Pkew Pkew, PUP (both from Toronto, ON, Canada), Chixdiggit! (Calgary, AB, Canada) and Dillinger Four (Minneapolis, MN, USA).

I spent a lot of time at Fest 15 hanging out with my buddy Jack Dalrymple of toyGuitar, Dead To Me, Swingin’ Utters and One Man Army. To provide you with a proper statistics I saw Dead To Me 4 times over the weekend. Second block of this episode celebrates Jack’s musical genius talent and the jpeg file below celebrates his kindness and glasses. <3

And the final block features songs by my favorite band NOFX and Useless ID, Pears, Modern Terror. Somebody who is deeply in love with me organized 3 NOFX shows around me (1 in Seattle and 2 in Vancouver) specially for my birthday and I thank them for that.

NOFX - We March to the Beat of Indifferent Drum [Wolves In Wolves’ Clothing]
THE BROKEDOWNS - Life Is A Breeze [Life Is A Breeze]
WONK UNIT - Bin Him [Mr Splashy]
PKEW PKEW PKEW - Mid 20’s Skateboarder [Pkew Pkew Pkew]
PUP - My Life is Over & I Couldn’t Be Happier [The Dream is Over]
CHIXDIGGIT! - I Wanna Hump You [Chixdiggit]
DILLINGER FOUR - Doublewhiskeycokenoice [Midwestern Songs of the Americas]
DEAD TO ME - I Wanna Die in Los Angeles [I Wanna Die in Los Angeles]
TOYGUITAR - Words Between Us [toyGuitar]
SWINGIN’ UTTERS - The Fake Rat of Dave Navarro [Poorly Formed]
ONE MAN ARMY - S.O.S. [Rumors and Headlines]
NOFX - Bye Bye Biopsy Girl [First Ditch Effort]
USELESS ID - Borrowed Time [State Is Burning]
PEARS - Snowflake [Green Star]
MODERN TERROR - Let America Burn [Disturbing The Peace EP]
COMEBACK KID - Wake The Dead [Wake The Dead]

Track Listing:

We March To The Beat Of Indifferent Drum
NOFX · Wolves In Wolves' Clothing
Life Is A Breeze
The Brokedowns · Life Is A Breeze
Bin Him
Wonk Unit · Mr Splashy
Mid 20's Skateboarder
My Life Is Over and I Couldn't Be Happier
PUP · The Dream Is Over
I Wanna Hump You
Chixdiggit! · Chixdiggit!
Dillinger Four · Midwestern Songs of the Americas
I Wanna Die In Los Angeles
Dead To Me · I Wanna Die In Los Angeles 7''
Words Between Us
toyGuitar · toyGuitar
The Fake Rat Of Dave Navarro
Swingin' Utters · Poorly Formed
One Man Army · Rumors And Headlines
Bye Bye Biopsy Girl
NOFX · First Ditch Effort
Borrowed Time
Useless ID · State Is Burning
Pears · Green Star
Let America Burn
Modern Terror · Disturbing The Peace EP
Wake The Dead
Comeback Kid · Wake The Dead
Best Friend
Needles//Pins · 12:34