Russian Tim Show Episode October 13, 2016

Episode #198

11:12am - 12:03pm

Hello Hello Hello!

First block of course features new track by NOFX! New album came out last week and of course I’m in love and of course I played “I Don’t Like Me Anymore” on the show. Also in this block new superhits by Useless ID (Haifa, Israel), Descendents (they live all over the place now), Wizo (Sindelfingen, Germany) and Teni Svobody (Moscow, Russia)

In the second block I played Chixdiggit! (Calgary, AB, Canada) and Greenback High (Vancouver, BC, Canada). Well, actually I played only 4% of the new Chixdiggit! song 2012. But in that small part KJ was nice enough to mention my radioshow which he thinks is called Rocket To Russia! Both bands are playing in Vancouver on Saturday.

The same night there will be another great show and very tough decisions would have to be made because CJ Ramone (Deer Park, NY, USA), toyGuitar (San Francisco, CA, USA) and The Shit Talkers (Vancouver, BC, Canada) are playing the same night at the Rickshaw.

And the final block features hits by Jesse LeBourdais (Vancouver, BC, Canada), Miesha & The Spanks (Calgary, AB, Canada) and Mobina Galore (Winnipeg, MB, Canada). All three bands are playing Jesse’s 300th show at LanaLous on Sunday.

FRENZAL RHOMB - Punisher [Sans Souci]
NOFX - I Don’t Like Me Anymore [First Ditch Effort]
USELESS ID - Creation [State Is Burning]
DESCENDENTS - Without Love [Hypercaffium Spazzinate]
WIZO - Adagio [Der]
???? ??????? - ???? ?? ???? [???????? ??????????]
CHIXDIGGIT! - Vancouver [2012]
GREENBACK HIGH - [Bombs Away?/?/?All of Us or None 7" #01] Bombs Away
C.J. RAMONE - Understand Me? [Last Chance To Dance]
TOYGUITAR - Move Like A Ghost [Move Like a Ghost]
THE SHIT TALKERS - Ewwww [Talk Yourself Up]
JESSE LEBOURDAIS - Burnt Out Frame [Long Winter]
MIESHA & THE SPANKS - Stranger [Stranger EP]
MOBINA GALORE - Vancouver [Vancouver]
CHIXDIGGIT! - Great Legs [Chixdiggit]

Track Listing:

Frenzal Rhomb · Sans Souci
I Don’t Like Me Anymore
NOFX · First Ditch Effort
Useless ID · State Is Burning
Without Love
Descendents · Hypercaffium Spazzinate
Wizo · Der
Odin Na Odin
Teni Svobody · Evolutsiya Oskorblyaet
Chixdiggit! · 2012
Bombs Away
Greenback High · Bombs Away 7''
Understand Me?
CJ Ramone · Last Chance to Dance
Move Like A Ghost
toyGuitar · Move Like a Ghost
Shit Talkers · Demo
Burnt Out Frame
Jesse LeBourdais · Long Winter
Miesha & The Spanks · Stranger EP
Mobina Galore · Vancouver
Great Legs
Chixdiggit! · Chixdiggit!