Russian Tim Show Episode May 17, 2016

Episode #178, Interview with SBDC

10:35am - 11:31am

Hello Hello Hello!

That was a pretty great episode of Rocket From Russia; eventful at least. I started with a block of new music featuring terrific songs by White Lung, Youth Decay (both Vancouver, BC, Canada), Modern Baseball (Philadelphia, PA), Violent Soho (Mansfield, Brisbane, Australia) and Apologies, I Have None (London, UK).

Second block featured my interview with Alicia aka Devilicia of a local band called SBDC. We talked about their upcoming North American Future Ex-Wives Tour, their smart tour planning and tightness of their musical performances.

Alicia also was the first participant of a new irregular feature called “Punk Rockers Are Real People Too”. The goal of this feature to find out more about local bands, proof that they live real lives and hopefully get some funny stories out of them. In this first edition we found out that Alicia shops at Khwaja, loves Indian food and Bob’s Burgers and goes by Devilicia. Let me know what you think, I welcome all feedback positive and negative. SBDC are playing a tour send off show with Sightlines and Pinner @ Antisocial this Friday.

I also previewed Todd Serious Memorial Show featuring The Rebel Spell and played two Rebel Spell covers performed by Reds (Vancouver, BC, Canada) and Propagandhi (Winnipeg, MB, Canada) and one original.

BUZZCOCKS - I Don’t Mind [Another Music In A Different Kitchen]
WHITE LUNG - Kiss Me When I Bleed [Paradise]
MODERN BASEBALL - Wedding Singer [Holy Ghost]
VIOLENT SOHO - Viceroy [Waco]
APOLOGIES, I HAVE NONE - Wraith [Split 7’’ w/ Luca Brasi]
YOUTH DECAY - The Party’s Over [The Party’s Over]
Interview with Alicia (SBDC)
SBDC - Wet Wipes [Future Ex​-​Wives]
SIGHTLINES - Hospital [North]
PINNER - Otwf [#3 Demo]
REDS - Can’t Fool Me [Rebels Sing]
PROPAGANDHI - I Am A Rifle [Rebels Sing]
THE REBEL SPELL - Beautiful Future [It’s a Beautiful Future]
NOFX - Leaving Jesusland [Wolves In Wolves’ Clothing]

Track Listing:

I Don't Mind
Buzzcocks · Another Music In A Different Kitchen
Kiss Me When I Bleed
White Lung · Paradise
Wedding Singer
Modern Baseball · Paradise
Violent Soho · WACO
Apologies, I Have None · Split w/ Luca Brasi
The Party's Over
Youth Decay · The Party's Over
Wet Wipes
SBDC · Future Ex-Wives
Sightlines · North
Pinner · #3 demo
Can't Fool Me
Reds · Rebels Sing
I'm A Rifle
Propagandhi · Rebels Sing
Beautiful Future
The Rebel Spell · It's A Beautiful Future
Leaving Jesusland
NOFX · Wolves in Wolves' Clothing