Russian Tim Show Episode May 3, 2016

Episode #176, Interview with Patrick (Hosehead Records)

10:35am - 11:32am

Hello Hello Hello!

This week I had an in-studio guest - Patrick of Hosehead Records. This great Canadian record label celebrates their 5 year anniversary. We talked about the history of the label, transition of the label from Toronto to Vancouver, differences between Western and Eastern Canadian scenes, recent re-issues which Hosehead Records put out, bands which released only one 7′’ but were great and of course Hosehead 5th Birthday Party which featured The Mandates, Fashionism, Outtacontroller, Stress Eating, Sore Points and happened at The Astoria.

FIRST BASE - Party, Party, Party [Party, Party, Party EP]
THE MANDATES - Something Wrong [In The Back Of Your Heart]
FASHIONISM - Smash The State (With Your Face) [Smash The State 7"]
OUTTACONTROLLER - R. Stevie Moore [Television Zombie]
STRESS EATING - No Gods [Stress Eating Tape]
NERVOUS TALK - Different Person [Nervous Talk]
THE SCABS - Amory Building [Amory Building 7’’]
THE SCABS - Leave Me Alone [Amory Building 7’’]
PALE LIPS - (You Make Me Wanna) Be Bad [Wanna Be Bad LP]
AVERAGE TIMES - She Knows [Average Times]
THE MODERNS - Got To Have Pop [Year Of Today 7’’]
THE PANICS - I Wanna Kill My Mom [I Wanna Kill My Mom 7’’]

Track Listing:

Party, Party, Party
First Base · Party, Party, Party EP
Something Wrong
The Mandates · In The Back Of Your Heart
Smash The State (With Your Face)
Fashionism · Smash The State (With Your Face) 7''
R. Stevie Moore
Outtacontroller · Television Zombie
No Gods
Stress Eating · Stress Eating Tape
Different Person
Nervous Talk · Nervous Talk
Amory Building
The Scabs · Amory Building 7''
Leave Me Alone
The Scabs · Amory Building 7''
(You Make Me Wanna) Be Bad
Pale Lips · Wanna Be Bad LP
She Knows
Average Times · Average Times
Got To Have Pop
The Moderns · Year Of Today 7''
I Wanna Kill My Mom
The Panics · I Wanna Kill My Mom 7''
TV Love
The Simpletones · I Have A Date LP