Russian Tim Show Episode March 15, 2016

Episode #170, Interview with NAIVE

10:41am - 11:38am

Hello Hello Hello!

This episode features my interview with Sasha “ChaCha” Ivanov, the leader of a legendary Russian punk band called НАИВ / NAIVE. They are the longest running Russian punk band and I’ve known them for about 15 years, therefore it was a truly great success when I found out that НАИВ is coming to Vancouver to play a show.

We spoke about their new album “Populism”, amateur approach to songwriting, Sasha’s side project RadioЧача and their cover of Nerf Herder’s song “Pantera Fans in Love”. I had way more questions prepared for the interview, but we decided to hang out instead.

And in the end of the show I did a ticket give away to Neighborhood Brats, Piss Test, Fashionism, Criminal Code @ Astoria.

НАИВ - Утро [Пост-Алкогольные Страхи]
Interview with Саша “Чача” Иванов, part 1
НАИВ - На пределе [Populism]
Interview with Саша “Чача” Иванов, part 2
НАИВ - Другие [Populism]
Interview with Саша “Чача” Иванов, part 3
NERF HERDER - Pantera Fans In Love [How To Meet Girls]
RADIOЧАЧА - Влюблённый Металлист [Live Slow. Die Old]
NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS - We Own The Night [Neighborhood Brats]
PISS TEST - What’s It Time For? [LP 1 / Biggest Band in Europe]
FASHIONISM - Breaking Out [Smash The State 7"]
CRIMINAL CODE - Dilemmas [No Device]
CHIXDIGGIT! - Jimmy the Con [Pink Razors]

Track Listing:

NAIVE · Post-Alcoholic Anxieties
Na Predele
NAIVE · Populism
NAIVE · Populism
Pantera Fans in Love
Nerf Herder · How to Meet Girls
Metalhead in Love
Radio ChaCha · Live Slow. Die Old
We Own The Night
Neighborhood Brats · No Sun No Tan
What's It Time For?
Piss Test · Biggest Band in Europe
Breaking Out
Fashionism · Smash the State (With Your Face) 7"
Criminal Code · No Device
Jimmy The Con
Chixdiggit! · Pink Razors