Russian Tim Show Episode February 16, 2016

Episode #165

10:36am - 11:28am

Hello Hello Hello!

First block turned out to be pretty fast & aggressive and featured songs by Star Fucking Hipsters (New York, NYC, USA), The Exploited (Edinburgh, Scotland), Purgen (Moscow, Russia), NOFX, Dwarves (both from San Francisco, CA, USA), Rancid (Bay Area, CA, USA) and Subhumans (Wiltshire, UK).

And in the end of the show I played songs by bands which played two cool shows that weekend:

• New Swears, Dried Out, Low Levels, Skinny Kids @ 333
• You Big Idiot, The Remedials, Reds @ Funky Winkerbeans

NAIV - Chto Nam Delat? [Obratnaya Storona Luny]
STAR FUCKING HIPSTERS - Until We’re Dead [Until Were Dead]
THE EXPLOITED - Beat The Bastards [Beat The Bastards]
Purgen - Fotorobot [Toxidermisty Gorodskogo Bezoomiya]
NOFX - Hardcore 84 [Regaining Unconsciousness]
DWARVES - Dominator [The Dwarves Must Die]
RANCID - Loki [Rancid 2000]
SUBHUMANS - This Years War [Internal Riot]
NEW SWEARS - TV Shows [Junkfood Forever, Bedtime Whatever]
DRIED OUT - Heartless [Dried Out]
LOW LEVELS - Ultramarine [Low Levels]
SKINNY KIDS - Love Cult [Skinny Kids]
YOU BIG IDIOT - Better Than Omar [Happy Thoughts]
THE REMEDIALS - Cigarettes & Fellatio [The End Is Here]
REDS - Calculations [Demo From Hell]
THE GREATEST SONS - My Name Is Short [Play Through The Pain, Sing Through The Strain]

Track Listing:

Chto Nam Delat?
NAIV · Obratnaya Storona Luny
Until We're Dead
Star Fucking Hipsters · Until We're Dead
Beat the Bastards
The Exploited · Beat the Bastards
Purgen · Toxidermisty Gorodskogo Bezoomiya
Hardcore 84
NOFX · Regaining Unconsciousness
Dwarves · The Dwarves Must Die
Rancid · Rancid 2000
This Years War
Subhumans · Internal Riot
TV Shows
New Swears · Junkfood Forever, Bedtime Whatever
Dried Out · Dried Out
Low Levels · Low Levels
Love Cult
Skinny Kids · Skinny Kids
Better Than Omar
You Big Idiot · Happy Thoughts
Cigarettes & Fellatio
The Remedials · The End Is Here
Reds · Demo From Hell
My Name Is Short
The Greatest Sons · Play Through The Pain, Sing Through The Strain