Russian Tim Show Episode February 9, 2016

Episode #164

10:34am - 11:33am

Hello Hello Hello!

First block started with international exclusive unique super radio premiere of a song by the band The Transgressions (Madison, WI, USA). After few years of absence they are back in business of writing pop punk hits and their new 7′’ called “Fucked Up!” will be out very soon on It’s Alive Records. Also this first block features great tunes by Turkish Techno (Riverside, CA, USA), Skinny Genes (New York, NY, USA) and The Dopamines (Cincinnati, OH, USA).

Second block was focused on Bros Of The Snow Tour. Vancouver got lucky an earned two stops of this tour - on Thursday at The Cobalt (19+) and on Friday at 333 (All-Ages). So I played all the bands which are playing those two shows - Living With Lions, Youth Decay, Open Letters, Sidekick Lifestyle, Get Over It (all Vancouver, BC, Canada) and Dangercat (Winnipeg, MB, Canada).

And the final block was focus on an annual celebration of cider and love featuring polka czars The Dreadnoughts and Uptown Riot, A Total Disappointment, Obscene Being (all from Vancouver, BC, Canada), The Skimmity Hitchers (West Country, UK) and The Generators (Los Angeles, LA, USA).

НАИВ - Утро [Пост-Алкогольные Страхи]
THE TRANSGRESSIONS - (I’m a) Holey Fuck [Fucked Up! 7’’]
TURKISH TECHNO - I’m Not Sorry [Number Two]
SKINNY GENES - Words with Friends with Benefits [Ugh 7’’]
THE DOPAMINIES - Dave Wipfler [Guided By Vices 7’’]
LIVING WITH LIONS - A Bottle Of Charades [Make Your Mark]
YOUTH DECAY - Hysteria [The Party’s Over]
OPEN LETTERS - It’s Cool But Unfun Already Did It [10-23]
DANGERCAT - Head In The Clouds [Where I’ll Be]
SIDEKICK LIFESTYLE - Death Visions [Disconnection With My Brain]
GET OVER IT - Their Experiment [Slave To The Abyss]
THE DREADNOUGHTS - Cider Road [Polka’s Not Dead]
THE SKIMMITY HITCHERS - Lovely Pint A Cider [Skimmity EP]
UPTOWN RIOT - Drinking Song [Light Up The Jockstraps]
THE GENERATORS - Wrong Side Of The Tracks [The Deconstruction Of Dreams]
ATD - Born Again Deadbeats [Bunk Monk EP]
OBSCENE BEING - Time [Hot And Ready EP]
DUBIOZA KOLEKTIV - Капитал [Lyapis Crew: ТРУбьют]

Track Listing:

Naive · Post-Alkogol’nye Strahi
(I'm a) Holey Fuck
The Transgressions · Fucked Up!
I'n Not Sorry
Turkish Techno · Number Two
Words with Friends with Benefits
Skinny Genes · Ugh
Dave Wipfler
The Dopamines · Guided By Vices
A Bottle Of Charades
Living With Lions · Make Your Mark
Youth Decay · The Party's Over
It's Cool But Unfun Already Did It
Open Letters · 10-23
Head In The Clouds
Dangercat · Where I'll Be
Death Visions
Sidekick Lifestyle · Disconnection With My Brain
Their Experiment
Get Over It · Slave to The Abyss
Cider Road
The Dreadnoughts · Polka's Not Dead
Lovely Pint A Cider
The Skimmity Hitchers · Game, Sett & Natch
Drinking Song
Uptown Riot · Light Up the Jockstraps
Wrong Side Of The Tracks
The Generators · The Deconstruction Of Dreams
Born Again Deadbeats
A Total Disappointment · Bunk Monk EP
Obscene Being · Hot and Ready EP
Dubioza kolektiv · Lyapis Crew