Russian Tim Show Episode January 26, 2016

Episode #162

10:35am - 11:30am

Hello Hello Hello!

First pop punk block of the year features new masterpieces by Turkish Techno (Riverside, CA, USA), Weekend Dads, Outtacontroller (both Halifax, NS, Canada), Chris and the Zipcodes (Liverpool, UK), Radiohearts (Long Beach, CA, USA) and Hospital Job (Springfield, IL, USA).

Second block features ska and reggae hits by ????????? (Saint Petersburg, Russia), Night Gaunts (Auckland, New Zealand), The Hempsteadys (New London County, CT, USA) and Dub Inc (Saint-Étienne, France).

And the final block features songs by Dowsing (Chicago, IL, USA), Special Explosion (Seattle, WA, USA), Dead Soft, Might as Well and TV Ugly (all from Vancouver, BC). All those bands played a show at 333 on the weekend.

PROPAGANDHI - The Banger’s Embrace [Supporting Caste]
WEEKEND DADS - Stand Up and Bury Your Head [September Downs]
CHRIS AND THE ZIPCODES - (Bad Old) Boys in Blue [Radio Zipcode EP]
OUTTACONTROLLER - R. Stevie Moore [Television Zombie]
RADIOHEARTS - Heartbeat [Lot To Learn]
HOSPITAL JOB - Hey Hey [Never Get Cold]
????????? - ???????? [????????]
NIGHT GAUNTS - Apple Tree [Conversations With Creation]
THE HEMPSTEADYS - Long Drop Back [El Amor De Los Muertos]
DUB INC - Better Run [Better Run Riddim]
DOWSING - Meant To Shred [I Don’t Even Care Anymore]
DEAD SOFT - Tell Me Why [Dead Soft]
MIGHT AS WELL - The Endless Bummer [The Endless Bummer]
TV UGLY - Slow Thighs [Ucla Yankee Cola]
AUDIO/ROCKETRY - Ramblin’ Shoes [Eastward + Onward]

Track Listing:

The Banger's Embrace
Propagandhi · Supporting Caste
Turkish Techno · Number Two
Stand Up and Bury Your Head
Weekend Dads · September Downs
(Bad Old) Boys in Blue
Chris and the Zipcodes · Radio Zipcode EP
R. Stevie Moore
Outtacontroller · Television Zombie
Radiohearts · Lot to Learn
Hey Hey
Hospital Job · Never Get Cold
????????? · ????????
Apple Tree
Night Gaunts · Conversations With Creation
Long Drop Back
The Hempsteadys · El Amor De Los Muertos
Better Run
Dub Inc · Better Run Riddim
Meant To Shred
Dowsing · I Don't Even Care Anymore
Tomato Kitty
Special Explosion · EP
Tell Me Why
Dead Soft · Dead Soft
The Endless Bummer
Might as Well · The Endless Bummer
Slow Thighs
TV Ugly · UCLA Yankee Cola
Ramblin' Shoes
Audio/Rocketry · Eastward + Onward