Russian Tim Show Episode January 12, 2016

Episode #160

10:34am - 11:26am

Hello Hello Hello!

This is the first episode of the year which features new music! The first block includes brand new songs from releases which already came out or will be out shortly in 2016. New songs by Ignite (Orange County, CA, USA), Evacuate (San Diego, CA, USA), Hoiter Dipoiter (Nordhausen, Germany), Cheap Appeal (Vancouver, BC, Canada) and Risk It! (Dresden, Germany).

Next two blocks feature songs by the bands which are playing shows this week in Vancouver. Second block features tracks by The Corps, Sidekick Lifestyle and Tender Hearts who are playing a show on Thursday at The Cobalt.

And the third block features bands which are playing a killer hardcore show this Sunday at Astoria - Career Suicide, Long Knife, Vacant State and OAF.

IRON CHIC - Cutesy Monster Man [Not Like This]
IGNITE - Nothing Can Stop Me [A War Against You]
EVACUATE - Victims [Blood Money]
HOITER DIPOITER - Mit dem Kopf durch die Wand [Mit dem Kopf durch die Wand]
CHEAP APPEAL - No Work Today [Demo]
RISK IT! - Trapped [Cross To Bear]
THE CORPS - So Far Away [So Far Away]
SIDEKICK LIFESTYLE - Death Visions [Disconnection With My Brain]
TENDER HEARTS - Chip Aisle [Demo]
CAREER SUICIDE - Attempted Suicide [Attempted Suicide]
VACANT STATE - Vile [Internal Conflict]
OAF - Cheat II [Consume]
LONG KNIFE - Sharpened Bone [Meditations On Self Destruction]
PROPAGANDHI - Without Love [Supporting Caste]

Track Listing:

Cutesy Monster Man
Iron Chic · Not Like This
Nothing Can Stop Me
Ignite · A War Against You
Evacuate · Blood Money
Mit dem Kopf durch die Wand
Hoiter Dipoiter · Mit dem Kopf durch die Wand
No Work Today
Cheap Appeal · Demo
Risk It! · Cross To Bear
So Far Away (Teenage Bottlerocket cover)
The Corps · So Far Away
Death Visions
Sidekick Lifestyle · Disconnection With My Brain
Chip Aisle
Tender Hearts · Demo
Attempted Suicide
Career Suicide · Attempted Suicide
Vacant State · Internal Conflict E.P.
Cheat II
OAF · Consume
Sharpened Bone
Long Knife · Meditations On Self Destruction
Without Love
Propagandhi · Supporting Caste