Russian Tim Show Episode December 29, 2015

Episode #158, Best of 2015

10:36am - 12:36pm

Hello Hello Hello!

This is episode features all my favorite songs released in 2015! Another great year in punk rock!

MOTORHEAD - Ace Of Spades [Ace Of Spades]
TOP BUNK - Eating CF With The SG [Top Bunk]
KEPI GHOULIE & ACCELERATORS - She gets all the girls [Fun In The Dark]
SKINNY GENES - Self-Defeat Champion of the Galaxy [Ugh]
PEACH KELLI POP - Princess Castle 1987 [Peach Kelli Pop III]
POOL PARTY - Pool Party Number One [Number One]
PLAN 37 - Brian Damage [Space Junk]
ОДИН ИЗ ТЫСЯЧИ - Есть ли кто-нибудь кто делает не ради денег [Моя дорога]
TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET - They Call Me Steve [Tales From Wyoming]
THE DECLINE - The Blurst Of Times [Resister]
THE HOLLOWPOINTS - Reptilian Way [Rocket to Rainier]
NOT ON TOUR - Gut Feeling [Bad Habits]
BAD COP/BAD COP - Nightmare [Not Sorry]
MARGATE - Want It All [Beards in Paradise]
NIGHT GAUNTS - 8 Dollars [Split w/Days N’ Daze]
BACKSTAGE - Rešujem svet [IPI]
THE BRIGGS - Seriously, How Old Are You? [The Briggs EP]
JUUSTOPAAT - Kansanlaulu [Jäljet]
MILLENCOLIN - Sense & Sensibility [True Brew]
RAISED FIST - In Circles [From The North]
ANTI-FLAG - Sky Is Falling [American Spring]
NIGHT BIRDS - Left in the Middle [Mutiny At Muscle Beach]
DAILY RITUAL - The Wall [Daily Ritual]
ROYAL HEADACHE - My Own Fantasy [High]
DRUG CHURCH - But Does It Work? [Swell]
WORRIERS - Plans [Imaginary Life]
SCREAMING FEMALES - Empty Head [Rose Mountain]
TOYGUITAR - Is It True [In This Mess]
JEFF ROSENSTOCK - Nausea [We Cool?]
LEFTOVER CRACK - Don’t Shoot [Constructs of the State]
GOOD RIDDANCE - Dry Season [Peace In Our Time]
WOAHNOWS - Sounds Like Spitting [Understanding and Everything Else]
WOAHNOWS - Life in Reverse [Understanding and Everything Else]
WOAHNOWS - Watching Accidents [Understanding and Everything Else]
MOTORHEAD - Killed By Death [No Remorse]

Track Listing:

Ace of Spades
Motörhead · Ace of Spades
Eating CF With The SG
Top Bunk · Top Bunk
She gets all the girls
Kepi Ghoulie & Accelerators · Fun In The Dark
Self-Defeat Champion of the Galaxy
Skinny Genes · Ugh
Princess Castle 1987
Peach Kelli Pop · Peach Kelli Pop III
Pool Party Number One
Pool Party · Number One
Brian Damage
Plan 37 · Space Junk EP
???? ?? ???-?????? ??? ?????? ?? ???? ?????
???? ?? ?????? · ??? ??????
They Call Me Steve
Teenage Bottlerocket · Tales from Wyoming
The Blurst Of Times
The Decline · Resister
Reptilian Way
The Hollowpoints · Rocket To Rainier
Gut Feeling
Not On Tour · Bad Habits
Bad Cop/Bad Cop · Not Sorry
Want It All
Margate · Beards In Paradise
8 Dollars
Night Gaunts · Split w/ Days N Daze
Resíujem svet
Backstage · IPI
Seriously, How Old Are You
The Briggs · The Briggs EP
Juustopäät · Juustopäät
Sense & Sensibility
Millencolin · True Brew
In Circles
Raised Fist · From The North
Sky Is Falling
Anti-Flag · American Spring
Left in the Middle
Night Birds · Mutiny at Muscle Beach
The Wall
Daily Ritual · Daily Ritual
My Own Fantasy
Royal Headache · High
But Does It Work
Drug Church · Swell
Worriers · Imaginary Life
Empty Head
Screaming Females · Rose Mountain
Is It True
toyGuitar · In This Mess
Jeff Rosenstock · We Cool?
Don't Shoot
Leftöver Crack · Constructs of the State
Dry Season
Good Riddance · Peace in Our Time
Sounds Like Spitting
Woahnows · Understanding and Everything Else
Life in Reverse
Woahnows · Understanding and Everything Else
Watching Accidents
Woahnows · Understanding and Everything Else
Killed By Death
Motörhead · No Remorse