Russian Tim Show Episode December 15, 2015

Episode #156

10:34am - 11:36am

Hello Hello Hello!

The first block of the show features new ska-core and ska punk mega anthem by Leftover Crack (New York City, NY, USA), Random Hand (Keighley, UK), The Riot Gang (Saint Petersburg, Russia), The Bennies (Melbourne, Australia), Night Gaunts (Auckland, New Zealand) and Days N’ Daze (Houston,TX, USA).

Second block of course features some pop punk because its my favorite kind of music! The songs in this block are performed by The All Brights (Coolville, CA, USA), Margate (Los Angeles, CA, USA), Backstage (Ljubljana, Slovenia), The Hextalls (Vancouver, BC, Canada), Skinny Genes (New York, NY, USA), Good Shade (Columbus, OH, USA) and Teenage Bottlerocket (Laramie, WY, USA).

And in the last block I played some great songs by local bands which i didn’t have a chance to play earlier this year. So here are some local superhits by The Greatest Sons, Selfist, Open Letters and Fashionism.

THE EVAPORATORS - Hot Dog High [Busy Doing Nothing]
LEFTOVER CRACK - System Fucked [Constructs of the State]
RANDOM HAND - After The Alarm [Hit Reset]
THE RIOT GANG - Отрава [Soma]
THE BENNIES - Party Machine [Party Machine]
NIGHT GAUNTS - Trippin’ In The Basement [Conversations With Creation]
DAYS N’ DAZE - Mosquitoes (Night Gaunts cover) [Split w/ Night Gaunts]
THE ALL BRIGHTS - Hell On A Surfboard […Are Wild For The Night!]
MARGATE - Rock Out With Your Clock Out [Beards in Paradise]
THE HEXTALLS - Ouch, My Childhood [Play With Heart]
SKINNY GENES - Self-Defeat Champion of the Galaxy [Ugh]
GOOD SHADE - Read On [Breakfast]
TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET - I Wanna Die [Tales From Wyoming]
THE GREATEST SONS - Career Paths [Play Through The Pain, Sing Through The Strain]
SELFIST - Pressure [Dystopia Now]
OPEN LETTERS - Literal Human Garbage//The Virtues Of Disbelief [10-23]
FASHIONISM - Quit Looking At The Time [Quit Looking At The Time 7"]
JESSE LEBOURDAIS - The First Time I Screamed [Long Winter]

Track Listing:

Hot Dog High
The Evaporators · Busy Doing Nothing
System Fucked
Leftöver Crack · Constructs of the State
After The Alarm
Random Hand · Hit Reset
The Riot Gang · Soma
Party Machine
The Bennies · Party Machine
Trippin' In The Basement
Night Gaunts · Conversations With Creation
Mosquitoes (Night Gaunts cover)
Days N' Daze · Days N' Daze & Night Gaunts Split
Hell On A Surfboard
The All Brights · ...Are Wild For The Night!
Rock out with Your Clock Out
Margate · Beards in Paradise
Backstage · IPI
Ouch, My Childhood
The Hextalls · Play With Heart
Self-Defeat Champion of the Galaxy
Skinny Genes · Ugh
Read On
Good Shade · Breakfast
I Wanna Die
Teenage Bottlerocket · Tales from Wyoming
Career Paths
The Greatest Sons · Play Through The Pain, Sing Through The Strain
Pressure Chamber
Selfist · Dystopia Now
Literal Human Garbage//The Virtues Of Disbelief
Open Letters · 10-23
Quit Looking At The Time
Fashionism · Quit Looking At The Time 7"
The First Time I Screamed
Jesse LeBourdais · Long Winter