Russian Tim Show Episode December 8, 2015

Episode #155

10:36am - 11:29am

Hello Hello Hello!

First block features new hits performed with talent by FIDLAR (Los Angeles, CA, USA), Mike Krol (Madison, WI, USA), Earth Girls (Chicago, IL, USA), Woahnows (Plymouth, UK), Together Pangea (Los Angeles, CA, USA) and saucemasters The Binz (Vancouver, BC, Canada).

Second block features four bands which are playing Xmas In Skaville #13. This is an annual local ska christmas show which this year features four best local ska/skapunk bands Bone Daddies, Los Furios, The Elixxxirs and The Brass Action.

And in the end of the show I did a ticket give away to The English Beat and The Interrupters show.

FRENZAL RHOMB - You Are Not My Friend [A Man’s Not A Camel]
FIDLAR - West Coast [Too]
MIKE KROL - La La La [Turkey]
EARTH GIRLS - Code Switch [Someone I’d Like to Know]
WOAHNOWS - Sounds Like Spitting [Understanding and Everything Else]
TOGETHER PANGEA - My Head Is On Too Tight [The Phage EP]
THE BINZ - What Do We Get [Get sauced with?.?.?. The Binz!]
BONE DADDIES - Sinister City [Sinister City]
LOS FURIOS - No Borders No Flags [Una Más]
THE ELIXXXIRS - Luck Has Run [East Side]
THE BRASS ACTION - Long Lost Sobriety [No Soundcheck]
THE ENGLISH BEAT - Tears Of A Clown [I Just Can’t Stop It]
THE INTERRUPTERS - This Is The New Sound [The Interrupters]
BAD RELIGION - Infected [Stranger Than Fiction]

Track Listing:

You are Not My Friend
Frenzal Rhomb · A Man's Not a Camel
West Coast
La La La
Mike Krol · Turkey
Code Switch
Earth Girls · Someone I'd Like to Know
Sounds Like Spitting
Woahnows · Understanding and Everything Else
My Head Is On Too Tight
Together Pangea · The Phage EP
What Do We Get
The Binz · Get sauced with?.?.?. The Binz!
Sinister City
Bone Daddies · Sinister City
No Borders No Flags
Los Furios · Una Mas
Luck Has Run
The Elixxxirs · East Side
Long Lost Sobriety
The Brass Action · No Soundcheck
Tears of A Clown
The English Beat · I Just Can't Stop It
This Is The New Sound
The Interrupters · The Interrupters
Bad Religion · Stranger than Fiction