Russian Tim Show Episode October 27, 2015

Episode #149, another FEST 14 Preview Show

10:30am - 11:28am

Hello Hello Hello!

This is another preview for Fest 14 which covers my personal favourites from this years FEST line up!

DILLINGER FOUR - Gainesville [C I V I L W A R]
WOAHNOWS - Watching Accidents [Understanding and Everything Else]
SHARKANOID - Chemicals [Have A Great Summer]
EVERYBODY ROW - The Sea Inside [The Sea Inside]
DRUG CHURCH - But Does It Work? [Swell]
THE BENNIES - My Bike [Better Off Dread]
THE DECLINE - The Blurst Of Times [Resister]
WOLF-FACE - Love Me, Rub Me, Fuck Me Werewolf (Pamela’s Song) [Still A Son Of A Bitch]
WORRIERS - Plans [Imaginary Life]
WORTHWHILE WAY - Swig Beer [Love Is All]
THE GAMITS - Last Of The Mullets [Rose Harbor Anthems]
CHOKE UP - My Oh My [Black Coffee, Bad Habits]
CAPTAIN, WE’RE SINKING - It’s a Trap [It’s a Trap!]
CRUSADES - Sacraments [The Sun Is Down And The Night Is Riding In]
JESSE LEBOURDAIS - I Go By The Sound [I Go By The Sound]

Track Listing:

Dillinger Four · Civil War
Watching Accidents
WOAHNOWS · Understanding and Everything Else
Sharkanoid · Have A Great Summer
Laura Palmer · EP
The Sea Inside
Everybody Row · The Sea Inside
But Does It Work?
Drug Church · Swell
My Bike
The Bennies · Better Off Dread
The Blurst Of Times
The Decline · Resister]
Love Me, Rub Me, Fuck Me Werewolf (Pamela’s Song)
Wolf-Face · Still A Son Of A Bitch
Worriers · Imaginary Life
Swig Beer
Worthwhile Way · Love Is All
Last Of The Mullets
The Gamits · Rose Harbor Anthems
My Oh My
Choke Up · Black Coffee, Bad Habits
It’s a Trap
Captain, We'Re Sinking · It’s a Trap!
Crusades · The Sun Is Down And The Night Is Riding In
I Go By The Sound
Jesse LeBourdais · I Go By The Sound