Russian Tim Show Episode October 20, 2015

Episode #148, FEST 14 Preview Show

10:29am - 11:25am

Hello Hello Hello!

This is the first out of two FEST 14 preview episodes. In this episode I focused my attention on the headliners of this year’s Fest and played their hits.

I also got a chance to talk to Sarah Goodwin who is one of the organizers of The Fest. We obviously talked about Fest 14, organization of the event, the 5 sets she is excited to see the most this year at The Fest, Fest Friends facebook group and of course Punk Rock Trivia at FEST 14.

Speaking of which! I’m hosting a Punk Rock Trivia at FEST 14 on Sunday at 11am at 8-bit bar. I’m extremely excited about that! If you’re coming to The Fest come play Punk Rock Trivia or just come say hi!

DILLINGER FOUR - Gainesville [C I V I L W A R]
LAGWAGON - Falling Apart [Blaze]
BIGWIG- Smile [Stay Asleep]
OFF WITH THEIR HEADS - Nightlife [Home]
TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET - Bigger Than Kiss [They Came From The Shadows]
THE MENZINGERS - Time Tables [Chamberlain Waits]
Interview with Sarah Goodwin (The Fest), part 1
ANDREW W.K. - Party Hard [I Get Wet]
Interview with Sarah Goodwin (The Fest), part 2
GREAT CYNICS - Everyone’s A Little Bit Weird [I Feel Weird]
TIMESHARES - The Bad Parts [Already Dead]
SUNDIALS - Dealin’ [Kick]
BROADCASTER - Tightrope Walker [Tightrope Walker]
STRANGE WILDS - Egophillia [Subjective Concepts]
JESSE LEBOURDAIS - Take Me Home [Long Winter]

Track Listing:

Dillinger Four · C I V I L W A R
Lagwagon · Falling Apart
Bigwig · Stay Asleep
Off With Their Heads · Home
Bigger than KISS
Teenage Bottlerocket · They Came from the Shadows
Time Tables
The Menzingers · Chamberlain Waits
Party Hard
Andrew W.K. · I Get Wet
Everyone's a Little Bit Weird
Great Cynics · I Feel Weird
The Bad Parts
Timeshares · Already Dead
Sundials · Kick
Tightrope Walker
Broadcaster · Tightrope Walker
Strange Wilds · Subjective Concepts
Take Me Home
Jesse LeBourdais · Long Winter