Russian Tim Show Episode October 13, 2015

Episode #147, Interview with Signals Midwest

10:32am - 11:32am

Hello Hello Hello!

The show on Saturday was a total success! Before the show I sat down with Max of Signals Midwest (Cleveland, OH, USA). We discussed their upcoming album, working with Evan Weiss, More Like Signals Midbest video and friendship with The Smith Street Band, playing abandoned Chinese restaurant, playing a show in a town which has whole 1 traffic light and guitar solos played by cops. ACAG!

I also did a ticket give away to A Band Called Death and Guantanamo Baywatch show.

GOOD RIDDANCE - A Credit To His Gender [A Comprehensive Guide To Moderne Rebellion]
SIGNALS MIDWEST - Monarchs [Latitudes and Longitude]
SIGNALS MIDWEST - Family Crest [Latitudes and Longitude]
Interview with Max, part 1 (Signals Midwest)
SIGNALS MIDWEST - 308 [Light On The Lake]
Interview with Max, part 2 (Signals Midwest)
WIL WAGNER - More Like Signals Midbest [Laika]
Interview with Max, part 3 (Signals Midwest)
SIGNALS MIDWEST - In Tensions [Latitudes and Longitude]
DEATH - Relief [N.E.W.]
GUANTANMO BAYWATCH - Barbacoa [Chest Crawl]
OFF WITH THEIR HEADS - Clear The Air [In Desolation]
FIRE NEXT TIME - Prophets [Cold Hands]

Track Listing:

A Credit to His Gender
Good Riddance · A Comprehensive Guide to Moderne Rebellion
Signals Midwest · Latitudes and Longitudes
Family Crest
Signals Midwest · Latitudes and Longitudes
Signals Midwest · Light On The Lake
More Like Signals Midbest
Wil Wagner · Laika
In Tensions
Signals Midwest · Latitudes and Longitudes
Death · N.E.W.
Guantanamo Baywatch · Chest Crawl
Clear The Air
Off With Their Heads · In Desolation
Fire Next Time · Cold Hands