Russian Tim Show Episode September 29, 2015

Episode #145

10:33am - 11:26am

Hello Hello Hello!

This episode features two blocks of new brilliant pop punk music, because I definitely felt like just one wasn’t enough.

So the first block of pop punk features new masterpieces by The Stragglers (London, ON, Canada), Margate (Los Angeles, CA, USA), Backstage (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Not On Tour (Tel Aviv, Israel), The Decline (Perth, Australia), Woahnows (Plymouth, UK).

Second block of pop punk consists of hits performed by Doubtfire (Boston, MA / Vancouver, BC), The Isotopes (Vancouver, BC, Canada), Plan 37 (Toronto, ON, Canada), Pool Party (Miami, FL, USA) and Teenage Bottlerocket (Laramie, WY, USA).

And the final block features three local bands which are playing The Binz Hot Sauce Release Party - What’s Wrong Tohei?, Spring Breaks and of course The Binz themselves.

GOOD RIDDANCE - Fertile Fields [Ballads From The Revolution]
THE STRAGGLERS - You Owe Me [Basements]
MARGATE - Want It All [Beards in Paradise]
BACKSTAGE - Himna mladosti [IPI]
NOT ON TOUR - Gut Feeling [Bad Habits]
THE DECLINE - Underworld Tour [Resister]
WOAHNOWS - Watching Accidents [Understanding and Everything Else]
DOUBTFIRE - Just Maybe [Doubtfire]
THE ISOTOPES - Magic Loogie [Nuclear Strikezone]
PLAN 37 - Arthur Ellis [Space Junk]
POOL PARTY - Underwater Lights Out [Number One]
TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET - They Call Me Steve [Tales From Wyoming]
THE BINZ - One Minute To Go [Get sauced with?.?.?. The Binz!]
WHAT’S WRONG TOHEI? - Blunt Object [Bruce]
COMEBACK KID - Wake The Dead [Wake The Dead]

Track Listing:

Fertile Fields
Good Riddance · Ballads From The Revolution
You Owe Me
The Stragglers · Basements
Want It All
Margate · Beards in Paradise
Himna mladosti
Backstage · IPI
Gut Feeling
Not On Tour · Bad Habits
Underworld Tour
The Decline · Resister
Watching Accidents
Woahnows · Understanding and Everything Else
Just Maybe
Doubtfire · Doubtfire
Magic Loogie
The Isotopes · Nuclear Strikezone
Arthur Ellis
Plan 37 · Space Junk
Underwater Lights Out
Pool Party · Number One
They Call Me Steve
Teenage Bottlerocket · Tales From Wyoming
One Minute To Go
The Binz · Get sauced with... The Binz!
Blunt Object
What's Wrong Tohei? · Bruce
Spring Breaks · Wimp
Wake The Dead
Comeback Kid · Wake The Dead