Russian Tim Show Episode September 15, 2015

Episode #143, Interview with Screaming Females

10:31am - 11:30am

Hello Hello Hello!

This episode features my interview with a band called Screaming Females from New Brunswick, NJ, USA. I talked to all three members of the band Marissa, Jarrett and King Mike, and we discussed their new album Rose Mountain, new video for a song called “Empty Head”, meeting Ian MacKaye and visiting Dischord House, Garbage message board, meeting Captain Ron and of course Subs (not Hoagies), 7-11 (not WaWa), The Star Ledger (not The Asbury Park Press), sprinkles (not jimmies), New York Giants (not Philadelphia Eagles).

SCREAMING FEMALES - Ripe [Rose Mountain]
SCREAMING FEMALES - Hopeless [Rose Mountain]
SCREAMING FEMALES - Rose Mountain [Rose Mountain]
Interview with Screaming Females, part 1
SCREAMING FEMALES - Empty Head [Rose Mountain]
Interview with Screaming Females, part 2
THE SURFARIS - Wipe Out [Wipe Out]
Interview with Screaming Females, part 3
GARBAGE & SCREAMING FEMALES - Because the Night [Because the Night 10’’]
Interview with Screaming Females, part 4
SCREAMING FEMALES - Burning Car [Rose Mountain]
SCREAMING FEMALES - Wishing Well [Rose Mountain]

Track Listing:

Screaming Females · Rose Mountain
Screaming Females · Rose Mountain
Rose Mountain
Screaming Females · Rose Mountain
Empty Head
Screaming Females · Rose Mountain
Wipe Out
The Surfaris · Wipe Out
Because the Night
Garbage and Screaming Females · Because the Night
Burning Car
Screaming Females · Rose Mountain
Wishing Well
Screaming Females · Rose Mountain