Russian Tim Show Episode August 18, 2015

Episode #139, Fat Wreck Chords 25th Anniversary show

10:30am - 11:30am

Hello Hello Hello!

This episode is a celebration of Fat Wreck Chords 25 years anniversary. I played FAT hits and two interviews. The first one was with KJ of Chixdiggit! who just got back from Toronto anniversary show; and the other one was with Shaun Colon, who is the guy behind A Fat Wreck documentary, a movie about Fat Wreck Chords.

PROPAGANDHI - Anti-Manifesto [How To Clean Everything]
NOFX - The Longest Line [The Longest Line]
LAGWAGON - Stokin’ The Neighbors [Trashed]
STRUNG OUT - Too Close to See [Twisted by Design]
GOOD RIDDANCE - Shadows Of Defeat [Operation Phoenix]
ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES - I Believe I Can Fly [Take A Break]
CHIXDIGGIT! - I Remember You [Pink Razors]
Interview with KJ (Chixdiggit!)
CHIXDIGGIT! - J Crew [Pink Razors]
Interview with Shaun, Part 1 (A Fat Wreck punk-u-mentary)
THE FLATLINERS - Eulogy [The Great Awake]
Interview with Shaun, Part 2 (A Fat Wreck punk-u-mentary)
TILT - Libel [‘Til It Kills]
NO USE FOR A NAME - International You Day [Hard Rock Bottom]

Track Listing:

propagandhi · how to clean everything
The Longest Line
NOFX · The Longest Line
Stokin' The Neighbors
Lagwagon · Trashed
Too Close to See
Strung Out · Twisted by Design
shadows of defeat
good riddance · operation phoenix
I Remember You
Chixdiggit! · Pink Razors
J Crew
Chixdiggit! · Pink Razors
The Flatliners · The Great Awake
Tilt · 'Til It Kills
International You Day
No Use For a Name · Hard Rock Bottom