Russian Tim Show Episode July 7, 2015

Episode #133

10:30am - 11:30am

Hello Hello Hello!

The first international block of new punk music features fantastic mp3 files by Not On Tour (Tel Aviv, Israel), Bad Cop/Bad Cop (San Pedro, CA, USA), Backstage (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Ellesmere (Vancouver, BC, Canada) and The Decline (Perth, Australia).

And in the second half of the show I did three ticket giveaways to Fashionism, Poor Form, VHS, Uptights @ The Hindenburg and together PANGEA, The Pretty’s, The Cut Losses @ The Cobalt and The Brass Action, Trysaratops @ Railway Club.

PEGBOY - Field of Darkness [Strong Reaction]
NOT ON TOUR - Flip [Bad Habits]
BAD COP/BAD COP - Nightmare [Not Sorry]
BACKSTAGE - Rešujem svet [IPI]
ELLESMERE - Mooks [Dying Music For A Dying Scene]
THE DECLINE - I Don’t Believe [Resister]
FASHIONISM - Breaking Out [Smash The State 7"]
POOR FORM - Put It Off [7’’]
VHS - Needles For Pricks [Art Decay, Everything Looks Boring]
UPTIGHTS - Further From Home [Further From Home]
TOGETHER PANGEA - Offer [Badillac]
THE PRETTY’S - Kayla the Kat Killer [Empty Heads]
THE CUT LOSSES - Bananas [Whatever Forever]
THE BRASS ACTION - Moonlite [Moonlite (single)]
TRYSARATOPS - Last To Know [Demo]
THE DOPAMINES - Business Papers [The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore]

Track Listing:

Field of Darkness
Pegboy · Strong Reaction
Not On Tour · Bad Habits
Bad Cop/Bad Cop · Not Sorry
Ellesmere · Dying Music For A Dying Scene
I Don't Believe
The Decline · Resister
Breaking Out
Fashionism · Smash The State 7"
Put It Off
Poor Form · 7''
Needles For Pricks
VHS · Art Decay, Everything Looks Boring
Further From Home
Uptights · Further From Home
Together Pangea · Badillac
Kayla the Kat Killer
The Pretty's · Empty Heads
The Cut Losses · Whatever Forever
The Brass Action · Moonlite (single)
Last To Know
Trysaratops · Last To Know
Business Papers
The Dopamines · The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore