Rocket from Russia Episode March 17, 2015

Episode #120, Interview with Chris #2 (Anti-Flag)

10:30am - 11:30am

Hello Hello Hello!

This episode was fully focused on my recent interview with Chris #2 of Anti-Flag. Last Friday they played The Terror State anniversary show in Vancouver and before their set I got a chance to sit down and talk to Chris.

We discussed whole bunch of stuff: process of recording The Terror State, his favorite vegan burrito place in Pittsburgh, connection to Vancouver, their split with d.b.s., his collaboration with different musicians, Russian punk scene and of course hockey.

P.S. There will be a video version of this interview. I’ll post it here as soon as its ready.

ANTI-FLAG - Turncoat [The Terror State]
ANTI-FLAG - Tearing Down the Borders [The Terror State]
Interview with Chris #2 (Anti-Flag), part 01
ANTI-FLAG - Post-War Breakout [The Terror State]
Interview with Chris #2 (Anti-Flag), part 02
ANTI-FLAG - Wake Up [20 Years Of Hell, Vol. 3]
Interview with Chris #2 (Anti-Flag), part 03
D.B.S. - David O. Is A Nazi [North America Sucks!!]
Interview with Chris #2 (Anti-Flag), part 04
BULLET TREATMENT - Cold War 3 [Designated, Vol.1]
THE BRUCE LEE BAND - Tanning Depression [Community Support Group]
TARAKANY! - Bog I Policia [MaximumHappy I]
Interview with Chris #2 (Anti-Flag), part 05
ANTI-FLAG - Spaz’s House Destruction Party [Underground Network]
THE BALLANTYNES - Sickos [Liquor Store Gun Store Pawn Shop Church]

Track Listing:

Anti-Flag · The Terror State
Tearing Down the Borders
Anti-Flag · The Terror State
post-war breakout
anti-flag · the terror state
Wake Up
Anti-Flag · 20 Years Of Hell, Vol. 3
David O. Is A Nazi
d.b.s. · North America Sucks!!
Cold War 3 (feat. Chris #2)
Bullet Treatment · Designated, Vol.1
Tanning Depression (feat. Chris #2)
The Bruce Lee Band · Community Support Group
Бог И Пол&
Таракан&am · MaximumHappy I
Spaz's House Destruction Party
Anti-Flag · Underground Network
The Ballantynes · Liquor Store Gun Store Pawn Shop Church