Rocket from Russia Episode November 13, 2014

Episode #104, Back From Fest 13

10:00am - 11:00am

Hello Hello Hello!

WOW! The Fest was amazing! Life changing experience for sure!!! I would say that it is impossible to describe fully how phenomenal Fest 13 was….! Yes! SUPERSUCCESS!

We got back the night before and I didn’t have much time to prepare, so I played a few new tracks by super bands (Lagwagon, Swingin’ Utters and The Smith Street Band) and then played my highlights of Fest 13 which included tracks by The Bennies, The Dopamines, The Copyrights, Masked Intruder, Chixdiggit!, Iron Chic, PUP, Toys That Kill, Dear Landlord, Wringer and Banner Pilot.

I don’t know what else to say! Fest is just unbelievably magnificent! That’s the general theme of this episode!

DILLINGER FOUR - Gainesville [C I V I L W A R]
LAGWAGON - Western Settlements [Hang]
SWINGIN’ UTTERS - From the Towers to the Tenements [Fistful of Hollow]
THE SMITH STREET BAND - East London Summer [Throw Me In The River]
THE BENNIES - Party Smashers [Rainbows in Space]
THE DOPAMINES - Public Domain [Expect The Worst]
THE COPYRIGHTS - Charlie Birger Time [Learn The Hard Way]
MASKED INTRUDER - The Most Beautiful Girl [M.I.]
CHIXDIGGIT! - Miso Ramen [Safeways Here We Come]
IRON CHIC - Cutesy Monster Man [Not Like This]
PUP - Dark Days [PUP]
TOYS THAT KILL - Waltz One Million [Fambly 42]
DEAR LANDLORD - Begging For Tips [Dream Homes]
WRINGER - Hello, Nurse! [Bullfighter]
WRINGER - Mammoth Cave pt. II [Bullfighter]
BANNER PILOT - Spanish Reds [Heart Beats Pacific]

Track Listing:

Dillinger Four · C I V I L W A R
Western Settlements
Lagwagon · Hang
From the Towers to the Tenements
Swingin' Utters · Fistful of Hollow
East London Summer
The Smith Street Band · Throw Me in the River
Party Smashers
The Bennies · Rainbows in Space
public domain
the dopamines · expect the worst
Charlie Birger Time
The Copyrights · Learn The Hard Way
The Most Beautiful Girl
Masked Intruder · MI
Miso Ramen
Chixdiggit! · Safeways Here We Come
Cutesy Monster Man
Iron Chic · Not Like This
dark days
Pup · pup
Waltz One
Toys That Kill · Fambly 42