Rocket from Russia Episode June 19, 2014

Episode #84

10:00am - 11:00am

Hello Hello Hello!

This is another episode of Rocket From Russia full of new and awesome punk rock music.

The first block includes new pop punk tracks by Hospital Job (Springfield, IL, USA), Bad Cop/Bad Cop (Los Angeles, CA, USA), Masked Intruder (Madison, WI, USA), The Manges (La Spezia, Italy), The 20Belows (Copenhagen, Denmark) and Deecracks (Vienna, Austria).

Second block is a bit heavier and hardcorier, it includes new tracks by Only Crime (USA), Bane (Worcester, MA, USA), Great Collapse (Los Angeles, CA, USA) and 7Seconds (Reno, NV, USA).

And in the end a block of local music. In the past few months several wonderful local bands released their brand new albums White Lung, Invasives, Needles//Pins, Sightlines and Slow Learners. Yes, Vancouver has a fantastic local scene!!!

FRENZAL RHOMB - We’re Going Out Tonight [A Man’s Not A Camel]
HOSPITAL JOB - Redemption Town [The Believer]
BAD COP/BAD COP - Asshole [Boss Lady]
MASKED INTRUDER - The Most Beautiful Girl [M.I.]
THE MANGES - Panic At The Ice Rink [All Is Well]
THE 20BELOWS - Wreckage [Wreckage EP]
DEECRACKS - Don’t Rely On Me [Beyond Medication]
ONLY CRIME - We Are Divided [Pursuance]
BANE - Hard to Find [Don’t Wait Up]
GREAT COLLAPSE - Civic Disassociation [Elemental EP]
7SECONDS - Leave A Light On [Leave A Light On]
WHITE LUNG - Drown With The Monster [Deep Fantasy]
INVASIVES - Mouths of Monsters [Robot Stink]
NEEDLES//PINS - Losing Your Mind [Shamebirds]
SIGHTLINES - Foreknowledge [Split 7” with Crystal Swells]
SLOW LEARNERS - When I Was Fun [Grow On You]
THE SMALLS - Murdering Me [My Dear Little Angle]

Track Listing:

We're Going Out Tonight
Frenzal Rhomb · A Man's Not A Camel
Redemption Town
Hospital Job · The Believer
Bad Cop/Bad Cop · Boss Lady
The Most Beautiful Girl
Masked Intruder · M.I.
Panic At The Ice Rink
The Manges · All Is Well
The 20 Belows · Wreckage
Don't Rely On Me
DeeCracks · Beyond Medication
We Are Divided
Only Crime · Pursuance
Hard to Find
Bane · Don't Wait Up
Civic Disassociation
Great Collapse · Elemental EP
Leave A Light On
7Seconds · Leave A Light On
Drown With The Monster
White Lung · Deep Fantasy
Mouths of Monsters
Invasives · Robot Stink
losing your mind
needles//pins · shamebirds
Sightlines · Split 7'' w/ Crystal Swells
When I Was Fun
Slow Learners · Grow On You
Murdering Me
The Smalls · My Dear Little Angle