Rocket from Russia Episode February 20, 2014

Episode #71

10:00am - 11:00am

Hello Hello Hello!

This episode features whole bunch of new and awesome punk rock and turned out to be quite international, because it includes bands from Sweden, Belgium, UK, Japan, USA, Russia, Belarus, Italy and obviously Canada.

First block features great tracks by Tear Them Down (Sweden), F.O.D. (Belgium), BOIDS (Canada), Epic Problem (UK), Four Gets Me A Not (Japan) and The Shell Corporation (USA).

Second block features ska, reggae and horn influenced songs by The Bruce Lee Band (USA), !Танцы! (Russia), Ляпис Трубецкой (Belarus), The Offenders (Italy) and The Skinny (Canada).

And the final block features songs by local bands Shockload, Ellesmere, Remember Lite-Brite?, all those three bands are playing a show tomorrow at LanaLou’s.

SNFU - Big Thumbs [The One Voted Most Likely To Succeed]
TEAR THEM DOWN - Modern Times [Their Fault, Our Problem]
F.O.D. - Needful Words [Something More]
BOIDS - Paradise Wasted [We Stalk Each Other Like Animals]
EPIC PROBLEM - Lines [Lines]
FOUR GETS ME A NOTS - Marigold [Authentic]
THE SHELL CORPORATION - Remember, Remember [Mandrake]
THE BRUCE LEE BAND - We’ve Got the Power, We’ve Got the Money [Community Support Group]
!ТАНЦЫ! - Хау мач из зе фиш [Симфония номер хуй]
ЛЯПИС ТРУБЕЦКОЙ - Lyapis Crew [Рабкор]
THE OFFENDERS - Rude Fans [Generation Nowhere]
THE SKINNY - Bangin’ [Presents The Skinny Pill]
SHOCKLOAD - The Disgrace [Attractive Distraction]
ELLESMERE - This Time We Ride [Bail City]
REMEMBER LITE-BRITE? - Sat Around [Demo]
THE LOVED ONES - Jane [Keep Your Heart]

Track Listing:

Big Thumbs
SNFU · The One Voted Most Likely To Succeed
Modern Times
Tear Them Down · Their Fault, Our Problem
Needful Words
F.O.D. · Something More
Paradise Wasted
BOIDS · We Stalk Each Other Like Animals
Epic Problem · Lines
Four Get Me A Nots · Authentic
Remember, Remember
The Shell Corporation · Mandrake
We've Got the Power, We've Got the Money
The Bruce Lee Band · Communtiy Support Group EP
Rude Fans
The Offenders · Generation Nowhere
The Skinny · Presents The Skinny Pill
The Disgrace
Shockload · Attractive Distraction
This Time We Ride
Ellesmere · Bail City
Sat Around
Remember Lite-Brite? · Demo
The Loved Ones · Keep Your Heart