Rocket from Russia Episode January 9, 2014

Episode #65, Filmage: Interviews with Bill Stevenson (Descendents) and Mitt Riggle (producer of Filmage)

10:00am - 11:00am

Happy Hello Hello Hello!

This episode was fully focused on a documentary “FILMAGE, The story of Descendents and All”. The screening of that movie will happen in Vancouver on January 15th at The Biltmore Cabaret.

This episode features two interviews. The first one with Bill Stevenson, the drummer of Descendents, All and Only Crime. And the second one was with Matt Riggle who is the producer, director and writer of FILMAGE. Enjoy!

DESCENDENTS - Suburban Home [Milo Goes To College]
DESCENDENTS - I’m Not A Loser [Milo Goes To College]
DESCENDENTS - Silly Girl [I Don’t Want to Grow Up]
DESCENDENTS - Kids [Enjoy!]
DESCENDENTS - I’m the One [Everything Sucks]
DESCENDENTS - ‘Merican [Cool To Be You]
Interview with Bill Stevenson (Descendents, ALL, Only Crime)
Interview with Matt Riggle (Producer of FILMAGE), Part 1
ALL - World’s On Heroin [Mass Nerder]
Interview with Matt Riggle (Producer of FILMAGE), Part 2
DESCENDENTS - [Milo Goes To College] Hope

Track Listing:

Suburban Home
Descendents · Milo Goes to College
I'm Not A Loser
Descendents · Milo Goes To College
Silly Girl
Descendents · I Don't Want to Grow Up
Descendents · Enjoy!
Descendents · All
I'm the One
Descendents · Everything Sucks
Descendents · Cool To Be You
World's On Heroin
All · Mass Nerder
Descendents · Milo Goes to College
So High
Porn For The Blind · Medicine Cabinet
The Winning Loser
Blacked Out · Life Beyond The Line
Officer Champion
Real Problems · Welcome to Scum City
Vacuum Sealed
What's Wrong Tohei? · Sick Days
Quit Your Day Job
Rad Disaster · vs. Man
Psychedelic High School
B-lines · B-lines