Rocket from Russia Episode September 26, 2013

Episode #50, Interview with Max (Sonic Avenues)

10:00am - 11:00am

Hello Hello Hello!

In this episode my interview with Max of an amazing band Sonic Avenues from Montreal, QC, Canada. We discussed their last studio album “Television Youth”, songwriting for their upcoming 3rd studio album, upcoming global 7”s, Max’s first band - The Kamikazes and his passion for Dirtnap Records.

And in the end of the show songs by the bands which will be playing at Guttermouth & Agent Orange show at The Biltmore.

THE ADVERTS - Television’s Over [Cast of Thousands]
SONIC AVENUES - Givin’ Up On You [Television Youth]
SONIC AVENUES - Waste Away Alone [Television Youth]
Interview with Max (Sonic Avenues), part 1
SONIC AVENUES - Fadin’ Luv [Television Youth]
Interview with Max (Sonic Avenues), part 2
SONIC AVENUES - Television Youth [Television Youth]
Interview with Max (Sonic Avenues), part 3
SONIC AVENUES - Sixteen Years [Demo]
Interview with Max (Sonic Avenues), part 4
THE KAMIKAZES - Time For Rock’n’Roll [Time For Rock’n’Roll]
Interview with Max (Sonic Avenues), part 5
THE MARKED MEN - Destroy Them [The Marked Men]
GUTTERMOUTH - Can I Borrow Some Ambition [Covered With Ants]
AGENT ORANGE - Bloodstains [Living In Darkness]
ANCHORESS - Break the Dam, Release the River [Crime & Compass]
THE ISOTOPES - Heatseeker [Heatseeker EP]
SONIC AVENUES - OCD Vibes [Television Youth]

Track Listing:

Television's Over
The Adverts · Cast of Thousands
Givin' Up On You
Sonic Avenues · Television Youth
Waste Away Alone
Sonic Avenues · Television Youth
Fadin' Luv
Sonic Avenues · Television Youth
Television Youth
Sonic Avenues · Television Youth
Sixteen Years
Sonic Avenues · Demo
Time For Rock'n'Roll
The Kamikazes · Time For Rock'n'Roll
Destroy Them
The Marked Men · The Marked Men
Can I Borrow Some Ambition
Guttermouth · Covered With Ants