Rocket from Russia Episode July 25, 2013

Interviews with Direct Hit! and Lipstick Homicide

10:00am - 11:00am

Hello Hello Hello!

This episode features two great interviews with Direct Hit! (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) and Lipstick Homicide (Coralville, Iowa). With Nick, Devon and Danny (Direct Hit!) we discussed their new album “Brainless God", their side-projects, criticism of their Dead Kennedys cover set and playing at Dipping Station. Luke from Lipstick Homicide talked about their new studio album “Out Utero" and told two amazing stories, one about opening for Green Day, and the other about having a magician open for Lipstick Homicide! Great stuff! Enjoy!

DIRECT HIT! - Snickers Or Reese’s (Pick Up The Pieces) [Domesplitter]
DIRECT HIT! - Satan Says [Domesplitter]
DIRECT HIT! - Monster In The Closet [Domesplitter]
Interview with Nick and Devon (Direct Hit!), part 1
GALACTIC CANNIBAL - Twin Peaks [We’re Fucked]
DEVON KAY & THE SOLUTIONS - Always Tip Your Therapist [Never Punt]
Interview with Nick and Devon (Direct Hit!), part 2
DIRECT HIT! - Werewolf Shame [Split 7" w/ Mixtapes]
MIXTAPES - Werewolf Shame [Split 7" w/Direct Hit!]
Interview with Nick and Devon (Direct Hit!), part 3
DIRECT HIT! - Nazi Punks Fuck Off (Dead Kennedys cover)
Interview with Nick and Devon (Direct Hit!), part 4
DIRECT HIT! - Hide the Body [Now That’s What I Call Dip Vol. 1]
LIPSTICK HOMICIDE - This Time For Real [Out Utero]
LIPSTICK HOMICIDE - I Hope You Die [Out Utero]
Interview with Lipstick Homicide, part 1
LIPSTICK HOMICIDE - So Happy For You [Out Utero]
Interview with Lipstick Homicide, part 2
LIPSTICK HOMICIDE - We’ll Be OK [The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore]
Interview with Lipstick Homicide, part 3
LIPSTICK HOMICIDE - Prom [Split LP w/ Billy Raygun]
LIPSTICK HOMICIDE - Like This Forever [Out Utero]

Track Listing:

Snickers Or Reese's (Pick Up The Pieces)
Direct Hit! · Domesplitter
Satan Says
Direct Hit! · Domesplitter
Monster In The Closet
Direct Hit! · Domesplitter
Twin Peaks
Galactic Cannibal · We're Fucked
Always Tip Your Therapist
Devon Kay & The Solutions · Never Punt
Werewolf Shame
Direct Hit! · Split 7" w/ Mixtapes
Werewolf Shame
Mixtapes · Split 7" w/ Direct Hit!
Nazi Punks Fuck Off
Direct Hit! · Live
Hide the Body
Direct Hit! · Now That's What I Call Dip Vol. 1
This Time For Real
Lipstick Homicide · Out Utero
I Hope You Die
Lipstick Homicide · Out Utero
So Happy For You
Lipstick Homicide · Out Utero
We'll Be OK
Lipstick Homicide · The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore
Lipstick Homicide · Split LP w/ Billy Raygun
Like This Forever
Lipstick Homicide · Out Utero