Rocket from Russia Episode April 25, 2013

Episode #29

10:00am - 11:00am

Happy Hello Hello Hello my friends!

Alright, the first block includes new and fresh songs by pretty well known punk bands - Transplants, U.K. Subs, Bad Religion, Left Alone, Swingin’ Utters, Plow United, Anti-Flag. By the way, “Poorly Formed” by Swingin’ Utters is still my favorite album which came out in 2013.

Second block was fast, maybe even too fast. Opened this second block of fast punk music with my personal discovery of this week - Dutch Nuggets from Montreal, Canada. The rest of the fast block includes Sarabix (Elche, Spain), After The Fall (Albany, NY, USA), CPA (Hemet, CA, USA), Brutal Youth (Kitchener, ON, Canada). And special thanks to regular listener Dexter for introducing me to Sarabix from Spain.

And, as usual, a bit of local music in the end of the show. Two exclusive tracks by Greenback High and The Jolts off brand new compilation Shake! It Up VOL. 1 released by Shake! records. And the LP Release Party is tonight at The Astoria. And Invasives are playing at LanaLous tonight as well.

RANCID - Side Kick [Let's Go]
TRANSPLANTS - In A Warzone [In A Warzone]
U.K. SUBS - Rabid [XXIV]
BAD RELIGION - Vanity [True North]
LEFT ALONE - Wall Street [Hate The Day EP]
SWINGIN' UTTERS - In a Video [Poorly Formed]
PLOW UNITED - Act Like It [Marching Band]
ANTI-FLAG - Toast to Freedom (Long Version) [Toast to Freedom]
DUTCH NUGGETS - Not A Straight Line [Nervous Wreck]
SARABIX - Dispuesto [Krakatoa]
AFTER THE FALL - Writer's Block [Unkind]
CPA - Null Chamber [Whimsy]
BRUTAL YOUTH - For Pete [Stay Honest]
GREENBACK HIGH - Room 206 [Shake! It Up VOL. 1]
THE JOLTS - Archaeopteryx [Shake! It Up VOL. 1]
INVASIVES - Embracing Evil [Embracing Evil 7"]