Rocket from Russia Episode August 2, 2012

Best of 2012 so far. Guest: Tim of Punk International

1:00pm - 2:00pm

Hello Hello Hello!

Obviously we started the show with a song by No Use For a Name in memoriam of Tony Sly who passed two days ago. I was shocked when I found that out… NUFAN was the first band I’ve seen live and always had a special place in my heart. My deepest condolences to Tony’s wife and daughters, FAT family, NUFAN band members and friends.

I had my friend Tim over as a guest. Tim was the first person I’ve met in Canada and he always been an example of music fan for me. His knowledge about punk rock is endless. We’ve played songs of some of our favorite album released this year. Let us know if you think we’ve missed anything :)

NO USE FOR A NAME - International You Day [Hard Rock Bottom]
ТНЕ GАSLIGНТ АNTHЕМ - 45 [Handwritten]
HOT WATER MUSIC - State Of Grace [Exister]
ТНЕ MЕNZINGЕRS - Mеxicаn Guitаrs [Оn Тhе Impоssiblе Раst]
ТАРАКАНЫ! - Собачье Сердце [Собачье Сердце]
OUR TIME DOWN HERE - Black Ice & Bad Advice [Midnight Mass]
PACER - Flags [Making Plans]
SHАRКS - Аrcаnе Еffigies [Nо Gоds]
CLEAVE - Passed Away [The Circle EP]
DOWNTOWN STRUTS - Postcards [Victoria!]
TOYS THAT KILL - Waltz One Million [Fambly 42]
NEW BRUISES - Is Nature The Key? [Chock Full of Misery]
DEAR LANDLORD - High Fives [Dream Homes]

Track Listing:

International You Day
No Use For a Name · Hard Rock Bottom
The Gaslight Anthem · Handwritten
State Of Grace
Hot Water Music · Exister
Mexican Guitars
The Menzingers · On The Impossible Past
Собачье серд&#
Тараканы! · Собачье серд&#
Black Ice & Bad Advice
Our Time Down Here · Midnight Mass
Pacer · Making Plans
Arcane Effigies
Sharks · No Gods
Passed Away
Cleave · The Circle EP
Downtown Struts · Victoria!
Waltz One Million
Toys That Kill · Fambly 42
Is Nature The Key?
New Bruises · Chock Full of Misery
High Fives
Dear Landlord · Dream Homes