Rocket from Russia Episode April 12, 2007

Broadcast on 12-Apr-2007

2:00pm - 3:00pm

should i have been more celebratory, seeing as how it was my last day of classes at ubc ever??? ever ever? ever ever. well, it's too late now. enjoy this podcast. it's not my last, but i may be going out of the country for a year. not immediately, but soon, if i decide to do so. i'm scared. what is this, a blog? anywho, if i leave, it's because i've decided to take up training on the foreign swamp planet of Dagobah. i think my skills are pretty awesome, but the council keeps telling me that i have to refine them, and seek out some old dude named yoda. to celebrate my last day of ubc, im going to go out and buy a bunch of shit and then play d&d with my friends. fuck this arts county fair shit.

Track Listing:

Cancer Bats · Birthing The Giant
bad religion · the process of belief
the vandals · warped tour 2001
manqueller man
fucked up · hidden world
my life story
mxpx · the ever passing momnet
invisible girl
the tranzmitors · teenage tragedy
stand in silence
trail of dead · so divided
cut you up with a linoleum knife
mastodon · aqua teen soundtrack
comeback kid · broadcasting
silly girl
the spunks · yellow fever blues
theyll be hanging us tomorrow
architects · nightmares
downtown mayors goodbye alley kids rule
you say party we say die · lose all time
you never were
the white barons · up all night with
capitalism stole my virginity
the intl noise conspiracy · live at oslo jazz festival