Rocket from Russia Episode January 4, 2007

Broadcast on 04-Jan-2007

1:00pm - 2:00pm

WHOO! Was today unorganized or what!?!?! I bought cereal yesterday. Sugar Crisp, to be exact. I had a bowl of it this morning and it reminded me of how much i miss milk. I had it dry, because I didn't have any soy milk. I'm lactose intolerant, so real milk is a big no-no. This was the first show of 2007! YEAH. Coming up in a few weeks (2, maybe 3? maybe even 4?) I have my 2 year anniversary show. It certainly hasn't felt like 2 years, it's felt like longer....I've been doing on-air CiTR stuff for a while, but I've only officially had my own show for 2 years, so stay tuned for that!

Track Listing:

cant figure it out
the jolts · jinx
dont stop me now
the vandals · hollywood potato chip
nervous breakdown
the tranzmitors · killed by canada
bad motorpsycho
raised by wolves · s/t
what do yuo want me to do
pointed sticks · what do you want me to do
world war 3
doa · bloodied but unbowed
world at war
subhumans · new dark age parade
zero culture
Million Dollar marxists · zero culture
the riptides · hong out
manqueller man
fucked up · hidden world
peggy suicide
the deadcats · feline 500
cheated hearts
yeah yeah yeahs · show your bones
3 inches of blood · advance and vanquish