Rocket from Russia Episode December 28, 2006

Broadcast on 28-Dec-2006

1:00pm - 2:00pm

I didn't get to play all of the music that I would have liked to today. AH WELL. I've alo decided that if I had to choose between eating or sleeping (in general), I would have to side with sleeping. I'm not sure if I have anything really important to share with you today...BOOBS.

Track Listing:

iron swan
the sword · age of winters
ratatat · classics
harry and the potters · blood of a prince
stand in silence
trail of dead · so divided
some girls
the tranzmitors · some girls
milkshake murder
the badamps · two face
99 bitches
the spinoffs · street rock stars
funny funiculaire
les breastfeeders · les matins de grands soirs
Burn Guelph Burn
The Sainte Catherines · Dancing for Decadence
golden tanks
the cancer bats · birting the giant
ballad of the big nothing
the thermals · to elliott from portland
white and nerdy
wierd al yankovic · straigh toutta lynwod
converge · no heroes
the sword · age of winters