Rocket from Russia Episode November 23, 2006

Broadcast on 23-Nov-2006

2:00pm - 3:00pm

I got a Nintendo Wii this past week, and decided to celebrate by playing as much Nintendo-related music as possible. There are so many little gems on TEH INTERNETS. Unfortunately, I couldn't play all of them, but I think I got the point across. Check out my playlists if you're interested in finding out which Nintendo cover bands I played ( thank you to everyone that phoned in to donate, place a song request, and inform me about other extremely nerdy things that I should check out. People that phone in are teh roxors!!!!!1!!111one

Track Listing:

ducktales - moon
the advantage · elf titled
super mario bros 2
minibosses ·
uk visa versa
mc lars · the laptop ep
a million exploding suns
horse the band · mechanical hand
d-rail · the circus
bomb the boats
the forgotten rebels · tomorrow belongs to us
melanie flury
up up down down left right left right b a start · girls names
castlevania 3 lv. 1
year200x ·
neskimos · ???