Rocket from Russia Episode October 12, 2006

Broadcast on 12-Oct-2006

1:00pm - 2:00pm

Did you know that a Cysquatch is a cross between a cyclops and a sasquatch? Yeah, neither did I. Can you imagine what that would look like? I mean, both those guys are pretty gnarly lookin dudes, but when you bring them together, they must form some sort of UGLY monstrosity. Check out the latest album from Zao. It will make your mother cry. Maybe. Unless she's into Zao.

Track Listing:

i can figure it out
the jolts · jinx
le roi est nu
les breastfeeders · les matins des grands soirs
Rats are gonna ride
Raised by wolves · Hot Blood
smokin bowl
real mckenzies · 10000 shots
outta luck
the badamps
ha ha ha ha ha
the teenage harlets · upthe fixx
people of the plague
sunhumans · new dark age parade
seeing double at the triple rock
nofx · qwolves inwovles clothing
the veil comes down
thunderbirds are now · make history
afi · the art of drowning
destroy the orcs
three inches of blood · advance and vanquish
everyhting you love will fly away
zao · the fear is what keeps us here