Rumbletone Radio A-Go-Go Episode September 29, 2010

29 SEPTEMBER 2010 -- Rumbletone Radio a Go-Go !!'

3:00pm - 5:00pm

Fuzz drenched, keg-a-rama grooviness with:
sandro brugnolini, united states of existence, green hour band, the paybacks, the others, the ruiners, the resonars, the nerves, nobunny, poison 13, the black angels, os mutantes, the spaceshits, the makes nice, thee manipulators, the laundronauts, intelligence, the heatscores, murder city devils, the sin-tones, the original sins, dead bolt, fresh and onlys, crystal swells,lord beginners, the fairies, crocodiles, the chains, bbq, oviatt brothers, the mystic eyes, thee vicars.

Track Listing:

to the batmobile
nelson riddle · s/t
sandro brugnolini · v/a-flipper pyschout
in classic play
united states of existence · the collection
real lovin'
green hour band · s/t
the paybacks · love not reason
walk out the door
the others · lost in time
screw you
the ruiners · happy birthday bitch
rertr rocket
the resonars · lunar kit
hanging on the telephone
the nerves · one way ticket
-do the- fuck yourself
nobunny · first blood
poison 13 · wine is red, poison is blue
river of blood
the black angels · phosphene dream
bat macumbba
os mutantes · v.a-nuggets vol.2
60 nights of boredom
the spaceshits · misbehavin'
got it wrong from the start
the makes nice · this time tomorrow
no and ifs or buts
manipulators · ease up on the breakdowns
hard water
laundronauts · come clean
bong life
intelligence · males
hot night at the whorehouse
the heatscores · light 'em up
dead b4 x-mas
murder city devils · s/t
theme from chick boat
sin-tones · surf-o-ghetti
evil hoodoo
the original sins · v/a-don't tread on me
zip code
dead bolt · shrunken head
i'm telling you everything
fresh and onlys · s/t
crystal swells · s/t
she likes it
dead ghosts · s/t
under the streets
lord beginner · s/t
get yourself home
the fairies · va/-nuggets vol.2
hollow hollow eyes
crocodiles · sleep forever
her name is love
the chains · on top of things
i said
bbq · s/t
how can i
oviatt brothers · v/a-you're so square
she put me down
the mystic eyes · the whole world is watching
what's the latest
thee vicars · psychotic beat