Rocket from Russia Episode September 22, 2016

Episode #195, Interview with Mike Kennerty (The All-American Rejects)

11:04am - 11:59am

Hello Hello Hello!

This episode features my interview with Mike Kennerty of The All-American Rejects. When Mike doesn’t play in The Rejects he records bands and that was the main focus of our interview.

We talked about his production style, his favorite Canadian punk records, how an interview with Ben Weasel led to producing music, how Mike saved Sonic Iguana Studios and how many gas stations you need to visit to find Dr. Pepper on fountain to record with him.

In the end of the show I did a ticket give away to Millencolin, Such Gold show @ Venue.

THE ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS - Dirty Little Secret [Move Along]
Interview with Mike Kennerty, part 01
NOMEANSNO - Two Lips, Two Lungs And One Tongue [Wrong]
PROPAGANDHI - The State-Lottery [Less Talk, More Rock]
Interview with Mike Kennerty, part 02
SCREECHING WEASEL - Dry Is The Desert [First World Manifesto]
Interview with Mike Kennerty, part 03
MASKED INTRUDER - Take What I Want [Love and Other Crimes EP]
Interview with Mike Kennerty, part 04
THE COPYRIGHTS - Basement [Report]
Interview with Mike Kennerty, part 05
DIRECT HIT! - Artificial Confidence [Wasted Mind]
MILLENCOLIN - Lozin’ Must [For Monkeys]
SUCH GOLD - Storyteller [Misadventures]
THE DIRTY NIL - No Weaknesses [Higher Power]

Track Listing:

Dirty Little Secret
The All American Rejects · Move Along
Two Lips, Two Lungs and One Tongue
NoMeansNo · Wrong
The State-Lottery
Propagandhi · Less Talk, More Rock
Dry Is the Desert
Screeching Weasel · First World Manifesto
Take What I Want
Masked Intruder · Love and Other Crimes
The Copyrights · Report
Artificial Confidence
Direct Hit! · Wasted Mind
Loin' Must
Millencolin · For Monkeys
Such Gold · Misadventures
No Weaknesses
The Dirty Nil · Higher Power