Rocket from Russia Episode September 8, 2016

Episode #194

11:12am - 12:00pm

Hello Hello Hello!

This whole episode was focused on three very exciting shows which are happening in Vancouver this week.

The first block features songs by Mansbridge (Montreal, QC, Canada), Jon Creeden & The Flying Hellfish (Ottawa, ON, Canada), Contra Code, Aanthems (both Vancouver, BC, Canada). All those fantastic Canadian bands are playing a show at LanaLous.

Second block was sponsored by Sound & Salt. Usually a sponsorship requires some sort of money payment or something similar, Vanessa only ?? had to send me a tweet to get her own block on Rocket From Russia. She picked songs by The Ballantynes, Woolworm, Did You Die (all Vancouver, BC, Canada), Divers (Portland, OR, USA), Power (Bremerton, WA, USA), The Scare (Seattle, WA, USA).

And the third ska block features songs by The Brass Action (Vancouver, BC, Canada), The Kings, The Georgetown Orbits (both Seattle, WA, USA). They played a show at SBC.

SUCCESS - Revolution Schmevolution [Radio Recovery]
MANSBRIDGE - Chest Pains [Mansbridge EP]
CONTRA CODE - Snap Crackle [Wasted Already]
AANTHEMS - While We’re Still Breathing [Die Every Night]
THE BALLANTYNES - Argent [Dark Drives, Life Signs]
DIVERS - Achin’ On [“Achin’ On” b?/?w “Can’t Do That”]
DID YOU DIE - All The Way To Her [Steal Your Innocence]
WOOLWORM - Sun Rock [Sun Rock // Morbid Obsession]
POWER - Singing and Screaming [Death Haunts]
THE SCARE - False Unity [False Unity]
THE BRASS ACTION - Jack Kerouac [Making Waves]
THE KINGS - Because You’re Young [Elwood]
THE GEORGETOWN ORBITS - Crazy Horse [Third Rock Steady]
THE CORPS - Black Autumn [In Blackest Night]

Track Listing:

Revolution Schmevolution
Success · Radio Recovery
Chest Pains
Mansbridge · Mansbridge EP
Snap Crackle
Contra Code · Wasted Already
Jon Creeden & The Flying Hellfish · Demo 2015
While We're Still Breathing
AANTHEMS · Die Every Night
The Ballantynes · Dark Drives, Life Signs
Achin' On
Divers · Achin' On
All The Way To Her
Did You Die · Steal Your Innocence
Sun Rock
Woolworm · Sun Rock / Morbid Obsession
Singing and Screaming
Power · Death Haunts
False Unity
The Scare · False Unity
Jack Kerouac
The Brass Action · Making Waves
Because You’re Young
The Kings · Elwood
Crazy Horse
The Georgetown Orbits · Third Rock Steady
Black Autumn
The Corps · In Blackest Night