Rocket from Russia Episode August 18, 2016

Episode #191, Interview with The Ballantynes

11:05am - 11:59am

Hello Hello Hello!

“Punk Rockers Are Real People Too” is back! This is a my favorite irregular feature on Rocket From Russia. The goal of this feature is to learn more about local punk rock celebrities and show them as real people too. This week guest was Vanessa of The Ballantynes and Sound & Salt. Listen to find out where she shops for groceries, buys take out and whats Vanessa’s favorite park in Vancouver.

I also played some music too. New tracks by ???? ??????? (Moscow, Russia), Useless ID (Haifa, Israel), Never Been Famous (Steyr, Austria), Talk Show Host (Toronto, ON, Canada), Four Lights (Seattle, WA, USA) and AANTHEMS (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

And in the end of the show I did a ticket give away to SNFU, Modern Terror and The Shit Talkers @ Venue.

ALKALINE TRIO - Time To Waste [Crimson]
???? ??????? - ?? ???? ????? [???????? ??????????]
USELESS ID - How to Dismantle an Atom Bomb [State Is Burning]
NEVER BEEN FAMOUS - Smile Without a Face [Dark City Nights]
TALK SHOW HOST - I Don’t Wanna Go to the Library [Perfectly Competent]
FOUR LIGHTS - It Came to Me In a Dream [Death to False Posi]
AANTHEMS - Mikey Mikey [Die Every Night]
Interview with Vanessa (The Ballantynes)
THE BALLANTYNES - My Place Your Town [Dark Drives, Life Signs]
SNFU - Don’t Have The Cow [FYULABA]
MODERN TERROR - Let America Burn [Disturbing the Peace EP]
THE SHIT TALKERS - Ewwww [Talk Yourself Up]
GOGOL BORDELLO - When Universes Collide [Trans-Continental Hustle]

Track Listing:

Time to Waste
Alkaline Trio · Crimson
Ne Tvoi Geroi
Teni Svobody · Evolutskiya Oskorblyaet
How to Dismantle an Atom Bomb
Useless ID · State Is Burning
Smile Without a Face
Never Been Famous · Dark City Nights
I Don't Wanna Go to the Library
Talk Show Host · Perfectly Competent
It Came to Me In a Dream
Four Lights · Death to False Posi
Mikey Mikey
AANTHEMS · Die Every Night
My Place Your Town
The Ballantynes · Dark Drives, Life Signs
Don't Have The Cow
Let America Burn
Modern Terror · Disturbing the Peace E.P.
The Shit Talkers · Demo
When Universes Collide
Gogol Bordello · Transcontinental Hustle