Rocket from Russia Episode August 11, 2016

Episode #190, Interviews with Erin Burkett (Fat Wreck Chords) and Limo (NOFX Team)

11:04am - 12:01pm

Hello Hello Hello!

Rocket From Russia and Biltmore Cabaret present the screening of a punk-u-mentary “A Fat Wreck” in Vancouver on August 17th and this episode is fully focused on the movie and Fat Wreck Chords.

In order to get myself and everybody else excited I played some FAT hits and interviewed Erin Burkett the co-owner of Fat Wreck Chords and Limo of NOFX Team and Modern Terror. I think it turned out great!

PROPAGANDHI - Anti-Manifesto [How To Clean Everything]
NOFX - Green Corn [Ribbed]
LAGWAGON - Island of shame [Trashed]
NO USE FOR A NAME - Justified Black Eye [¡Leche Con Carne!]
Interview with Erin Burkett (Fat Wreck Chords), part 1
LAGWAGON - E Dagger [Blaze]
Interview with Erin Burkett (Fat Wreck Chords), part 2
Interview with Limo (NOFX Team, Modern Terror)
NOFX - Bob [White Trash, Two Heebs And A Bean]
GOOD RIDDANCE - United Cigar [For God And Country]
STRUNG OUT - Firecracker [Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues]

Track Listing:

Propagandhi · How to Clean Everything
Green Corn
NOFX · Ribbed
Island of Shame
Lagwagon · Trashed
Justified Black Eye
No Use For A Name · ¡Leche con Carne!
E Dagger
Lagwagon · Blaze
NOFX · White Trash, Two Heebs And A Bean