Rocket from Russia Episode July 28, 2016

Episode #188

11:13am - 12:01pm

Hello Hello Hello!

Rocket From Russia is a radio program where I play new, international and local music. This episode fully meets the definition provided above.

First block features new hits by legendary NOFX, The Bouncing Souls, Guttermouth, Descendents, Face To Face and Snuff. How about that?

Second block features song by international bands (European to be precise) such as Radiocrimen (Bilbao, Spain), Bull Brigade (Turin, Italy), Порт(812) (Saint Petersburg, Russia) and Ноги Винни-Пуха (Moscow, Russia).

And the final short block features songs by Toys That Kill (San Perdo, CA, USA) and Needles//Pins (Vancouver, BC, Canada) which played a show in Vancouver.

FUCKED UP - Under My Nose [David Comes to Life]
NOFX - Six Years On Dope [First Ditch Effort]
THE BOUNCING SOULS - Euphoria [Simplicity]
GUTTERMOUTH - Freckles The Pony [Got It Made]
DESCENDENTS - On Paper [Hypercaffium Spazzinate]
FACE TO FACE - I Won’t Say I’m Sorry [Protection]
SNUFF - Rue The Day [No Bitting!]
RADIOCRIMEN - Alcohol Barato [3er Grado]
BULL BRIGADE - Mai confonderla [Vita Libertà]
ПОРТ (812) - Война [Абсолютно всех]
НОГИ ВИННИ-ПУХА - Лимонный чай [Копролит]
TOYS THAT KILL - War On Words [Sentimental Ward]
NEEDLES//PINS - Outa This Place [Shamebirds]
BISHOPS GREEN - Hell In A Handbag [Pressure]

Track Listing:

Under My Nose
Fucked Up · David Comes to Life
Six Years On Dope
NOFX · First Ditch Effort
The Bouncing Souls · Simplicity
Freckles The Pony
Guttermouth · Got It Made
On Paper
Descendents · Hypercaffium Spazzinate
I Won't Say I'm Sorry
Face to Face · Protection
Rue The Day
Snuff · No Biting!
Alcohol Barato
Radiocrimen · 3er Grado
Mai Confonderla
Bull Brigade · Vita Liberta
PORT (812) · Absolutno Vseh
Limonniy Chai
Nogi Vinni Puha · Koprolit
War On Words
Toys That Kill · Sentimental Ward
Hale Bop
Needles//Pins · 12:34
Hell In A Handbag
Bishops Green · Pressure