Rocket from Russia Episode July 21, 2016

Episode #187

11:11am - 11:58am

Hello Hello Hello!

The first block features great pop punk ballads which were performed by genius musical collectives such as Sass Dragons (Chicago, IL, USA), Dog Party (Sacramento, CA, USA), Mean Jeans (Portland, OR, USA), Nerf Herder (Santa Barbara, CA, USA) and Masked Intruder (Madison, WI, USA).

Then I did a ticket give away to a show which featured Open Letters, Might as Well (both Vancouver, BC, Canada) and I Love Your Lifestyle (Göteborg, Sweden).

And in the end of the show I played songs by two local bands You Big Idiot and Reds who played a Christmas In July show on the weekend.

CHIXDIGGIT! - Sikome Beach [Born on the First of July]
SASS DRAGONS - Will Not Move [True Adventure]
DOG PARTY - What Do I Want [Til You’re Mine]
MEAN JEANS - I Don’t Care That I Don’t Care [Tight New Dimension]
NERF HERDER - I’m The Droid (You’re Looking For) [Rockingham]
MASKED INTRUDER - Still Always on My Mind [Love and Other Crimes EP]
OPEN LETTERS - It’s Cool But Unfun Already Did It [10-23]
I LOVE YOUR LIFESTYLE - Routine [We Go Way Back]
MIGHT AS WELL - The Avalanche [The Distance Between]
YOU BIG IDIOT - The Ted Danson Plane [Live From Soundcheck EP]
REDS - Can’t Fool Me [Rebels Sing]
NOFX - Theme From A NOFX Album [Pump Up The Valuum]

Track Listing:

Sikome Beach
Chixdiggit! · Born on the First of July
Will Not Move
Sass Dragons · True Adventure
What Do I Want
Dog Party · Til You're Mine
I Don't Care That I Don't Care
Mean Jeans · Tight New Dimension
I'm The Droid (You're Looking For)
Nerf Herder · Rockingham
Still Always on My Mind
Masked Intruder · Love and Other Crimes EP
It's Cool But Unfun Already Did It
Open Letters · 10-23
I Love Your Lifestyle · We Go Way Back
The Avalanche
Might as Well · The Distance Between
The Ted Danson Plane
You Big Idiot · Live From Soundcheck EP
Can't Fool Me
REDS · Rebels Sing
Theme From A NOFX Album
NOFX · Pump Up The Valuum