Rocket from Russia Episode July 14, 2016

Episode #186

11:06am - 11:56am

Hello Hello Hello!

First block of this show is really great! I’m pretty sure it’ll be one of the best blocks of new music in 2016 on Rocket From Russia. The main reason is because it features fresh superhits by Angel Du$t (Maryland, MD, USA), Useless ID (Tel Aviv, Israel), Plow United (Wilmington, DE, USA), PEARS (New Orleans, LA), Belvedere (Calgary, AB, Canada), Dragged In (Toronto, ON, Canada) and Harker (Brighton, UK).

In the second block I played four local bands - Woolworm, Dumb, Mental Health and Wishkicker who played a show this week at The Pat’s Pub.

And the final short block featured songs by The Ballantynes (Vancouver, BC, Canada) and Isaac Rother & The Phantoms (Los Angeles, CA, USA).

DISTEMPER - Джентельмены Удачи 2000 [Ska Punk Шпионы]
ANGEL DU$T - Stay [Rock The Fuck On Forever]
USELESS ID - Stopwatch [State Is Burning]
PLOW UNITED - We Should Take Time [Three]
PEARS - Green Star [Green Star]
BELVEDERE - Shipwreck [The Revenge Of The Fifth]
DRAGGED IN - August [EP I]
HARKER - Sometimes Dead Is Better [Great Thieves Escape]
WOOLWORM - Useless [Everything Seems Obvious]
DUMB - 7-11 [Beach Church]
MENTAL HEALTH - Lo​-​Fi Kids [Demo]
WISHKICKER - Housekeeping [Por Que, Y?]
THE BALLANTYNES - My Place Your Town [Dark Drives, Life Signs]
ISAAC ROTHER & THE PHANTOMS - The Phantom [The Unspeakable Horror Of…]
SBDC - Wet Wipes [Future Ex-Wives]

Track Listing:

???????????? ????? 2000
Distemper · Ska Punk ??????
Angel Du$t · Rock The Fuck On Forever
Useless ID · State Is Burning
We Should Take Time
Plow United · Three
Green Star
PEARS · Green Star
Belvedere · The Revenge Of The Fifth
Dragged In · EP I
Sometimes Dead Is Better
Harker · Great Thieves Escape
Woolworm · Everything Seems Obvious
Dumb · Beach Church
Lo-Fi Kids
Mental Health · Demo
Wishkicker · Por Que, Y?
My Place Your Town
The Ballantynes · Dark Drives, Life Signs
The Phantom
Isaac Rother & The Phantoms · The Unspeakable Horror Of…
Wet Wipes
SBDC · Future Ex-Wives