Rocket from Russia Episode May 24, 2016

Episode #179

10:36am - 11:32am

Hello Hello Hello!

First block features new international punk tracks performed by ???? ?????-???? (Moscow, Russia), The Locos (Madrid, Spain), Faintest Idea (Kings Lynn, UK), The Bennies (Melbourne, Australia) and ????????? (Saint Petersburg, Russia).

Then I did another preview of Rocket From Russia anniversary show and played track by 5 awesome local pop punk bands which will be playing this superevent - The Corps, Ellesmere, The Greatest Sons, You Big Idiot and Dried Out.

And the final block featured tracks by The So So Glos (NYC, NY, USA), The Dirty Nil (Dundas, ON, Canada) and Low Levels (Vancouver, BC, Canada). Those three bands are playing a show this weekend at The Cobalt.

THE TOY DOLLS - The Death Of Barry The Roofer With Vertigo [Our Last Album?]
???? ?????-???? - ???????? ?????? [????????]
THE LOCOS - Hueso y Piel [Todos Distintos, Todos Iguales]
FAINTEST IDEA - Ouroboros [Increasing The Minimum Rage]
THE BENNIES - Party Till I Die (Or Die Trying) [Wisdom Machine]
????????? - ?????? [???????]
THE CORPS - Pillar of Salt [In Blackest Night]
ELLESMERE - Forty Five [Bail City]
THE GREATEST SONS - Seventh Grade [We’ll Take The Road]
YOU BIG IDIOT - Don’t Die Again [Happy Thoughts]
DRIED OUT - Asking Price [Dried Out]
THE SO SO GLOS - House of Glass [Blowout]
THE DIRTY NIL - No Weaknesses [Higher Power]
LOW LEVELS - Ultramarine [Low Levels]
AGAINST ME! - Stop! [New Wave]

Track Listing:

The Death of Barry the Roofer with Vertigo
Toy Dolls · Our Last Album?
???????? ??????
???? ?????-???? · ????????
Hueso y Piel
The Locos · Todos Distintos, Todos Iguales
Faintest Idea · Increasing The Minimum Rage
Party Till I Die (Or Die Trying)
The Bennies · Wisdom Machine
????????? · Demo
Pillar Of Salt
The Corps · In Blackest Night
Forty Five
Ellesmere · Bail City
Seventh Grade
The Greatest Sons · We'll Take The Road EP
Don't Die Again
You Big Idiot · Happy Thoughts
Asking Price
Dried Out · Dried Out
House Of Glass
The So So Glos · Blowout
No Weaknesses
The Dirty Nil · Higher Power
Low Levels · Low Levels
Against Me! · New Wave