Rocket from Russia Episode March 22, 2016

Episode #171

10:38am - 11:35am

Hello Hello Hello!

This week we were audited by SOCAN and if you’re a regular listener of Rocket From Russia you probably know that I always play local bands on the show the week of this audit. For every spin bands get a very little money and also its another great reason to celebrate great local scene we have in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

And in the final block I played Youth Decay, You Big Idiot, ATD (all Vancouver, BC), Old Wives (Edmonton, AB) and The Ativans (Calgary, AB) who are playing a super cool show at SBC on April 2nd.

GOB - Custer’s Last 1 Nite Stand [Too Late… No Friends]
FASHIONISM - Quit Looking At The Time [Quit Looking At The Time 7"]
NEEDLES//PINS - Losing Your Mind [Shamebirds]
SIGHTLINES - Hospital [North]
B-LINES - Tell Me [Opening Band]
SBDC - Sluts of Paradise [Pretty Shitty]
THE ISOTOPES - Hasta La Vista, Baby [Nuclear Strikezone]
THE BINZ - Mabel [How to Freak Out Responsibly About the Rise of the Robots]
POOR FORM - Cowards and Creeps [Same Excuse 7’’]
THE GREATEST SONS - 22nd Street [Play Through The Pain, Sing Through The Strain]
OPEN LETTERS - It’s Cool But Unfun Already Did It [10-23]
CONTRA CODE - Screwtape [Wasted Already]
SELFIST - Glimmers of Hope [Dystopia Now]
YOUTH DECAY - Hysteria [The Party’s Over]
OLD WIVES - I Don’t Wanna Be Lazy [See You In Hell]
THE ATIVANS - Bucket List [Landlocked]
YOU BIG IDIOT - Better Than Omar [Happy Thoughts]
ATD - At War [Bunk Monk EP]
JESSE LEBOURDAIS - Simple [Long Winter]

Track Listing:

Custer's Last 1 Nite Stand
GOB · Too Late... No Friends
Quit Looking At The Time
Fashionism · Quit Looking At The Time 7''
Losing Your Mind
Needles//Pins · Shamebirds
Sightlines · North
Tell Me
B-Lines · Opening Band
Sluts Of Paradise
SBDC · Pretty Shitty
Hasta La Vista, Baby
The Isotopes · Nuclear Strikezone
The Binz · How to Freak Out Responsibly About the Rise of the Robots
Cowards And Creeps
Poor Form · Same Excuse 7''
22nd Street
The Greatest Sons · Play Through The Pain, Sing Through The Strain
It's Cool But Unfun Already Did It
Open Letters · 10-23
Contra Code · Wasted Already
Glimmers Of Hope
Selfist · Dystopia Now
Youth Decay · The Party's Over
I Don't Wanna Be Lazy
Old Wives · See You In Hell
Bucket List
The Ativans · Landlocked
Better Than Omar
You Big Idiot · Happy Thoughts
At War
ATD · Bunk Monk EP
Jesse LeBourdais · Long Winter