Rocket from Russia Episode November 17, 2015

Episode #152, Interview with Worriers

10:34am - 11:32am

Hello Hello Hello!

This episode features my interview with Lauren Denitzio of Worriers. We discussed their new amazing album “Imaginary Life”, working with Laura Jane Grace, their awesome videos for songs “Chasing” and “Most Space”, their passion for John K. Samson, Neko Case and Transmetropolitan comics.

And in the end of the show I played tacks by Purple 7, Sightlines, Poor Form, K-Man & The 45s and The Matadors who played that weekend in Vancouver.

P.S. Special thanks to Mint Records for all the help in preparation for this interview.

WORRIERS - Yes All Cops [Imaginary Life]
WORRIERS - Jinx [Imaginary Life]
WORRIERS - Plans [Imaginary Life]
Interview with Lauren Denitzio (Worriers), part 1
AGAINST ME! - Borne On The Fm Waves Of The Heart [New Wave]
Interview with Lauren Denitzio (Worriers), part 2
WORRIERS - Chasing [Imaginary Life]
WORRIERS - Most Space [Imaginary Life]
Interview with Lauren Denitzio (Worriers), part 3
WORRIERS - They / Them / Theirs [Imaginary Life]
Interview with Lauren Denitzio (Worriers), part 4
PURPLE 7 - Eggshells [Garden Eyes]
SIGHTLINES - Whitehorse [Alarum Records’ Cassette Store Day]
POOR FORM - Cowards and Creeps [Same Excuse 7’’]
K-MAN & THE 45s - Rockaway Beach [The Ska-Mones]
THE MATADORS - Rock ‘N’ Roll Freakshow [Horrorbilly 9000]

Track Listing:

Yes All Cops
Worriers · Imaginary Life
Worriers · Imaginary Life
Worriers · Imaginary Life
New Wave
Against Me! · Borne on the FM Waves of the Heart
Worriers · Imaginary Life
Most Space
Worriers · Imaginary Life
They / Them / Theirs
Worriers · Imaginary Life
Purple 7 · Garden Eyes
Sightlines · Alarum Records' Cassette Store Day compilation
Cowards and Creeps
Poor Form · Same Excuse
Rock 'N' Roll Freakshow
The Matadors · Horrorbilly 9000
K-Man & The 45s · Rockaway Beach