Rocket from Russia Episode August 4, 2015

Episode #137

10:30am - 11:30am

Hello Hello Hello!

This episode features lots of local music and was focused on 4 awesome shows which are happening this weekend in Vancouver. This episode shows the mad variety of awesome music we have in this city! Success!

Screaming Females, Vacation, Low Levels @ The Media Club

Mean Jeans, White Mystery, Greenback High, Patsy’s Rats @ Hindenburg

Bison B.C., Waingro, Invasives @ Hindenburg

Generals of Monrovia, Trade Your Children, Silent Era @ Funkywinker Beans

NOFX - Dying Degree [Punk In Drubliс]
SCREAMING FEMALES - Empty Head [Rose Mountain #01]
VACATION - Horny Politicians [Candy Waves]
LOW LEVELS - Flowers [Demo]
MEAN JEANS - Total Creep [Singles]
WHITE MYSTERY AND THE HOLY MOTORS - My Shadow [Blood Visions By Retard Records & Friends]
GREENBACK HIGH - Bombs Away [Bombs Away​/​/​All of Us or None 7"]
PATSY’S RATS - Rock & Roll Friend [Patsy’s Rats]
BISON B.C. - Clozapine Dream [Lovelessness]
WAINGRO - Firebird [Waingro]
INVASIVES - Murder In The Afternoon [Embracing Evil 7"]
GENERALS OF MONROVIA - Broken Side Mirror [Generals of Monrovia]
TRADE YOUR CHILDREN - Inhibited Prophecy [Anthems Of Growing Malcontent]
SILENT ERA - No One Gets In [Watch the Torches Fade Out]
THE BALLANTYNES - Argent [Dark Drives, Life Signs]

Track Listing:

Dying Degree
NOFX · Punk In Drublic
Empty Head
Screaming Females · Rose Mountain
Horny Politicians
Vacation · Candy Waves
Low Levels · Demo
Total Creep
Mean Jeans · Singles Collection
My Shadow
White Mystery And The Holy Motors · Blood Visions By Retard Records & Friends
Bombs Away
Greenback High · Bombs Away​ /​/ ​All of Us or None 7"
Rock & Roll Friend
Patsy's Rats · Patsy's Rats
Clozapine Dream
BISON · Lovelessness
Waingro · Waingro
Murder In The Afternoon
Invasives · Embracing Evil 7''
Broken Side Mirror
Generals of Monrovia · Generals of Monrovia
Inhibited Prophecy
Trade Your Children · Anthems Of Growing Malcontent