Rocket from Russia Episode July 21, 2015

Episode #135

10:30am - 11:30am

Hello Hello Hello!

First block features new great songs by The Decline (Perth, Australia), Not On Tour (Tel Aviv, Israel), Break Anchor (Detroit, MI, USA), Plan 37 (Toronto, ON, Canada), 48 Hours (Sevastopol, Ukraine) and No Weather Talks (Hamburg, Germany).

Second block is slightly connected with a show which Rocket From Russia presents in October in Vancouver, therefore I played Timeshares (Downstate New York, NY, USA) who will be playing that show and also played new tracks by Spraynard (West Chester, PA, USA), PUP (Toronto, ON, Canada), Choke Up (Boston, MA, USA).

And in the end of the show I did a ticket give away to a local show which features You Big Idiot, Inhuman Company. New Values @ Studio Records on Granville.

PROPAGANDHI - A Speculative Fiction [Potemkin City Limits]
THE DECLINE - The Blurst Of Times [Resister]
NOT ON TOUR - Rumors [Bad Habits]
BREAK ANCHOR - I’m Sorry [In A Van Down By The River]
PLAN 37 - Brian Damage [So Say We All 7"]
48 HOURS - Mir Menyaet Nas [Prichiny Ne Soiti S Puti]
NO WEATHER TALKS - Road Rash [Undoing Defeat]
TIMESHARES - The Bad Parts [Already Dead]
SPRAYNARD - Applebee’s Bar [Mable]
PUP - Dark Days [PUP]
CHOKE UP - Thicket and Vine [Black Coffee, Bad Habits]
YOU BIG IDIOT - Empty Is The New Full [Happy Thoughts]
INHUMAN COMPANY - Sorry In Advance
NEW VALUES - You Ran Away From Home [New Values]
JESSE LEBOURDAIS - Take Me Home [Long Winter]

Track Listing:

a speculative fiction
propagandhi · potemkin city limits
The Blurst Of Times
The Decline · Resister
Not On Tour · Bad Habits
I'm Sorry
Break Anchor · In A Van Down By The River
Brian Damage
Plan 37 · So Say We All 7"
Road Rash
No Weather Talks · Undoing Defeat
The Bad Parts
Timeshares · Already Dead
Applebee's Bar
Spraynard · Mable
dark days
Pup · pup
Thicket and Vine
Choke Up · Black Coffee, Bad Habits
Empty Is The New Full
You Big Idiot · Happy Thoughts
Sorry In Advance
Inhuman Company · Sorry In Advance
You Ran Away From Home
New Values · New Values
Take Me Home
Jesse LeBourdais · Long Winter