Rocket from Russia Episode July 14, 2015

Episode #134

10:30am - 11:30am

Hello Hello Hello!

First block features new songs by Good Riddance, Rise Against, Anti-Flag, Agnostic Front (all from USA), Millencolin and Raised Fist (both from Sweden).

The I decided to play a block of Canadian hits, because why not. Second block features songs by bands which don’t need any extra further introductions: Chixdiggit!, GOB, Sum 41, Hanson Brothers, The Isotopes and The Evaporators.

And in the end of the show I did two ticket giveaways to Against Me!, Frnkiero and the Cellabration @ Vogue Theatre and The Spits, Nervous Talk, The Vicious Cycles @ Fortune Soundclub.

P.S. Everything is still super fresh at the new CiTR studio and our tech team still setting everything up. There our some weird sounding moments in this episode. Sorry for this inconvenience. They are working on solving those problems.

SNFU - Misfortune […And No One Else Wanted To Play]
GOOD RIDDANCE - Dry Season [Peace In Our Time]
RISE AGAINST - The Eco-Terrorist In Me [The Eco-Terrorist In Me 7’’]
ANTI-FLAG - The Great Divide [American Spring]
MILLENCOLIN - Egocentric Man [True Brew]
AGNOSTIC FRONT - Old New York [The American Dream Died]
RAISED FIST - We Will Live Forever [From The North]
CHIXDIGGIT! - Quit Your Job [Born on the First of July]
GOB - Soda [Too Late… No Friends]
SUM 41 - Never Wake Up [All Killer No Filler]
HANSON BROTHERS - Everything I Wanted [My Game]
THE ISOTOPES - Heatseeker [Heatseeker EP]
THE EVAPORATORS - Addicted To Cheese [Ripple Rock]
AGAINST ME! - True Trans Soul Rebel [Transgender Dysphoria Blues]
FRNKIERO ANDTHE CELLBRATION - All I Want Is Nothing [Stomachaches]
THE SPITS - All I Want [The Spits V]
NERVOUS TALK - Already Gone [Nervous Talk]
THE VICIOUS CYCLES - Keep Your Hands Off of my Bike [The Strange and Terrible Saga Of​.​.​.]
WHITE LUNG - In Your Home [Deep Fantasy]

Track Listing:

SNFU · ...and no one else wanted to play
Dry Season
Good Riddance · Peace In Our Time
The Eco-Terrorist In Me
Rise Against · The Eco-Terrorist In Me
The Great Divide
Anti-Flag · American Spring
Egocentric Man
Millencolin · True Brew
Old New York
Agnostic Front · The American Dream Died
We Will Live Forever
Raised Fist · From The North
Quit Your Job
Chixdiggit! · Born on the First of July
gob · too late... no friends
Never Wake Up
Sum 41 · All Killer No Filler
Everything I Wanted
Hanson Brothers · My Game
The Isotopes · Heatseeker EP
Addicted to cheese
The Evaporators · Ripple rock
True Trans Soul Rebel
Against Me! · Transgender Dysphoria Blues
All I Want Is Nothing
Frnkiero Andthe Cellabration · Stomachaches
All I Want
The Spits · The Spits V
Already Gone
Nervous Talk · Nervous Talk
Keep Your Hands Off of my Bike
The Vicious Cycles · The Strange and Terrible Saga of​.​.​.
In Your Home
White Lung · Deep Fantasy