Rocket from Russia Episode March 24, 2015

Episode #121

10:30am - 11:30am

Hello Hello Hello!

Another exciting episode of Rocket From Russia full of new punk rock music from all over the world.

First block features new wonderful pop punk hits by Top Bunk (New York, NY, USA), The Hextalls, The Isotopes (both Vancouver, BC, Canada), ToyGuitar (San Francisco, CA, USA), The Dumbheads (Belgorod, Russia), Dwayne (Denver, CO, USA)

Second block turned out to be quite international and I love it. It features great tracks from Quarterback 40 (Germany), Rude Pride (Madrid, Spain), Up For Nothing (Brooklyn, NY, USA), Local Resident Failure (Newcastle, Australia) and Juustopäät (Helsinki, Finland).

And the final block features bands which played sold out The Morning After Show 15th Anniversary Party. This show is now right after Rocket From Russia and I was joined by Oswaldo for a quick interview and celebration of The Morning After Show.

THE FLATLINERS - Fred’s Got Slacks [Destroy to Create]
TOP BUNK - Eating CF With The SG [Top Bunk]
THE HEXTALLS - Who’s The #1 Cop? [Play With Heart]
THE ISOTOPES - Total Juicehead [Nuclear Strikezone]
TOYGUITAR - When It Was Over [In This Mess]
THE DUMBHEADS - By My Side [Heartbroken Idiots]
DWAYNE - I’ma Goin’ To Hell [Dwayne]
QUARTERBACK 40 - Geld! [Quarterback 40!]
RUDE PRIDE - Outta My Way [Be True To Yourself]
UP FOR NOTHING - The Faker [Split 7” w/ Resolutions]
LOCAL RESIDENT FAILURE - A Friend Named Hope [This Here’s the Hard Part]
JUUSTOPääT - Peilityyni [Jäljet]
JARABE DE PALO - ¿A dónde vas? [Somos]
LOS FURIOS - La Furia Llega [Warning Shot]
CARACAS - Pond of Dreams [Tambores y Tanques]
THE PLANET SMASHERS - Life Of The Party [Life Of The Party]

Track Listing:

The Flatliners · Destroy to Create
Fred's Got Slacks
The Flatliners · Destroy to Create
Eating CF With The SG
Top Bunk · Top Bunk
Who's The #1 Cop?
The Hextalls · Play With Heart
Total Juicehead
The Isotopes · Nuclear Strikezone
When It Was Over
toyGuitar · In This Mess
By My Side
The Dumbheads · Heartbroken Idiots
I'ma Goin' To Hell
Dwayne · Dwayne
Quarterback 40 · Quarterback 40!
Outta My Way
Rude Pride · Be True To Yourself
The Faker
Up For Nothing · Split 7'' w/ Resolutions
A Friend Named Hope
Local Resident Failure · This Here's The Hard Part
Juustopäät · Jäljet
¿A dónde vas? (feat. Ximena Sariñana)
Jarabe de Palo · Somos
La Furia Llega
Los Furios · Warning Shot
Bring on the playtime
Caracas · Tambores y tanques
Life of the party
The Planet Smashers · Life of the party