Rocket from Russia Episode March 10, 2015

Episode #119

10:30am - 11:30am

Hello Hello Hello!

That was the first episode of Rocket From Russia in the new time slot. Starting this week the show will be aired every Tuesday at 10:30am PST. I don’t think it really matters for podcast listeners, but if you’re listening to the show live this could be a relatively useful piece of information.

Unfortunately, I started off the show with very sad news. The singer of an amazing Canadian punk band The Rebel Spell tragically passed away this weekend. This is extremely sad news because Todd was young and he definitely had a lot to write and sing about, and in general he was a very important member of Vancouver punk scene and simply a great human being. I had Todd on the show when “It’s a Beautiful Future” came out in 2011. We were talking about doing another interview in support of “Last Run”, but never matched our schedules. My deepest condolences to Todd’s family, friends and The Rebel Spell members. This is very very sad…

The first block includes new punk rock music from Finland and Germany - Quarterback 40 (Germany), Juustopäät (Helsinki, Finland), Betontod (Rheinberg, Germany), Montreal (Hamburg, Germany), Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät (Helsinki, Finland).

In the second block I focused on recent releases from Stomp Records - The Isotopes (Vancouver, BC, Canada), East End Radicals, BOIDS, Dig It Up (All Montreal, QC, Canada).

And in the end of the show I did two ticket giveaways to Bum and Flamin’ Groovies @ Rickshaw and Safe and Sound, Open Letters, Stay Choked, Leveler @ 333

THE REBEL SPELL - Can’t Fool Me! [Four Songs About Freedom]
QUARTERBACK 40 - Quarterback40 [Quarterback 40!]
JUUSTOPääT - Jäljet [Jäljet]
BETONTOD - Mein Letzter Tag [Traum Von Freiheit]
MONTREAL - Vorbestimmung [Sonic Ballroom]
PERTTI KURIKAN NIMIPäIVäT - Aina mun pitää [Aina mun pitää]
THE ISOTOPES - Bleacher Creature Girl [Nuclear Strikezone]
EAST END RADICALS - Dolce vita [Zero Hour]
BOIDS - Paradise Wasted [We Stalk Each Other Like Animals]
DIG IT UP - Eyes On Me [Manners]
BUM - A Promise Is a Promise [Wanna Smash Sensation]
FLAMIN’ GROOVIES - She Said Yeah [Shake Some Action]
SAFE AND SOUND - Life in a Bottle [Rain Fest Promo Tape]
OPEN LETTERS - The Option Of Killing Yourself Before A Stroke Takes Over Your Life [1-6]
STAY CHOKED - Pizza Tragedy [Slow Jams]
LEVELER - Dark Room (Graduates) [Calloused]
ANTI-FLAG - Post-War Breakout [The Terror State]

Track Listing:

Can't Fool Me!
The Rebel Spell · Four Songs About Freedom
Quarterback 40 · Quarterback 40!
Juustopäät · Jäljet
Mein Letzter Tag
Betontod · Traum Von Freiheit
Montreal · Sonic Ballroom
Aina mun pitää
Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät · Aina mun pitää
Bleacher Creature Girl
The Isotopes · Nuclear Strikezone
Dolce vita
East End Radicals · Zero Hour
Paradise Wasted
BOIDS · We Stalk Each Other Like Animals
Eyes On Me
Dig It Up · Manners
A Promise Is a Promise
Bum · Wanna Smash Sensation
She Said Yeah
Flamin' Groovies · Shake Some Action
Life in a Bottle
Safe and Sound · Rain Fest Promo Tape
Open Letters · The Option Of Killing Yourself Before A Stroke Takes Over Your Life
Pizza Tragedy
Stay Choked · Slow Jams
Dark Room (Graduates)
Leveler · Calloused
post-war breakout
anti-flag · the terror state