Rocket from Russia Episode February 26, 2015

Episode #117

10:00am - 11:00am

Hello Hello Hello!

What a surprise - this episode starts with a block of new pop punk hits performed by Teenage Bottlerocket (Laramie, WY, USA), toyGuitar (San Francisco, CA, USA), The Hextalls, The Isotopes, Fashionism (all from Vancouver, BC, Canada).

Second block includes some big names, new amazing tracks from Millencolin (Örebro, Sweden), Strung Out (Simi Valley, CA, USA), The Real Mckenzies (Vancouver, BC, Canada), The Vandals (Huntington Beach, CA, USA).

And as tradition dictates, a few songs by the bands which are playing shows this weekend in Vancouver: The Hex Dispensers and Nervous Talk @ The Cobalt, You Big Idiot and The Greatest Sons @ Joe’s Apprtment and Shockload and The Schatzis @ The Pats Pub

RAMONES - Judy Is A Punk [Ramones]
TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET - Nothing Else Matters (When I’m With You) [Tales From Wyoming]
THE HEXTALLS - Ouch, My Childhood [Play With Heart]
THE ISOTOPES - Chicks Dig the Long Ball [Nuclear Strikezone]
TOYGUITAR - Is It True [In This Mess]
FASHIONISM - Breaking Out [Smash The State 7”]
MILLENCOLIN - Sense & Sensibility [Sense & Sensibility]
STRUNG OUT - The Animal and the Machine [Transmission.Alpha.Delta]
THE REAL MCKENZIES - Who’d a Thought [Rats In The Burlap]
THE VANDALS - I’m An Individual (Mark “Jacko” Jackson cover) [I’m An Individual]
THE HEX DESPENSERS - O-B-I-T [Winchester Mystery House]
NERVOUS TALK - Different Person [New Super Album]
YOU BIG IDIOT - Empty Is The New Full [Happy Thoughts]
THE GREATEST SONS - Seventh Grade [We’ll Take The Road]
SHOCKLOAD - The Disgrace [Attractive Distraction]
THE SCHATZIS - Whiplash [World Premiere]
NOFX - My Party Boots [The Greatest Songs Ever Written (By us)]

Track Listing:

Judy Is a Punk
Ramones · Ramones
Nothing Else Matters (When I'm With You)
Teenage Bottlerocket · Tales From Wyoming
Ouch, My Childhood
The Hextalls · Play With Heart
Chicks Dig the Long Ball
The Isotopes · Nuclear Strikezone
Is It True
toyGuitar · In This Mess
Breaking Out
Fashionism · Smash The State 7"
Sense & Sensibility
Millencolin · True Brew
The Animal and the Machine
Strung Out · Transmission.Alpha.Delta
I'm An Individual (Mark "Jacko" Jackson cover)
The Vandals · I'm An Individual
The Hex Dispensers · Winchester Mystery House
Different Person
Nervous Talk · New Super Album
Empty Is The New Full
You Big Idiot · Happy Thoughts
Seventh Grade
The Greatest Sons · We'll Take The Road
The Disgrace
Shockload · Attractive Distraction
The Schatzis · World Premiere
My Party Boots
NOFX · The Greatest Songs Ever Written (By us)